Setting Up Sky Go

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Sky Go desktop app. The Sky Go desktop app makes it even easier for you to find the programmes you want to watch. And with Sky Mobile, you can watch Sky TV on the go without using your data. Sky Go is included at no extra cost to your Sky TV subscription. Watch all 7 Sky Sports channels live on your mobile, laptop or tablet on Sky Go. At no extra cost for Sky Sports TV customers With Sky Go you can watch entertainment, movies and sports live and on. There are different ways on how to cast Sky Go to Chromecast. You may follow any of the methods listed below. Choose the more convenient or what works for you best. Through a Chromecast Sky Go App. Chromecast Sky Go is the newest component that the company added to its service to be able to accommodate more requests from its customers. Mobile Connectivity Diagrams for WiFi & LTE Internet Distributed to All Computers & Devices from WiFiRanger Routers Indoor Routers PROVIDING PORTS AND ACCESSIBILITY WiFiRanger makes indoor mobile routers which provide a wireless network, USB port for LTE tethering, LAN ports, and an integrated LTE modem (optional). Outdoor Routers REACHING DISTANT WIFI AND CELLULAR WiFiRanger makes.

What is Sky Go?

First off, let’s discuss what Sky Go is. It’s a service that’s available to all Sky customers, and lets you watch Sky content on the move, typically on a smartphone, laptop or tablet. If you’re not a Sky customer, it’s also possible to get a Sky Go subscription.

Sky Go offers access to Sky’s entertainment channels, Sky Movies, Sky Sports, and over 500 movies on demand. For full details, visit the official Sky Go website.

How can I get Sky Go?

Sky Go is available on a number of platforms. You would need one of the following to watch Sky Go:

  • A Windows Laptop or desktop computer
  • A Mac laptop or desktop computer
  • An Apple iPhone 3GS or higher
  • An Apple iPad
  • A Microsoft X-Box Live Games Console (X-Box Live Gold Membership required)
  • Some Android Smartphones (including some HTC Desire, HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S devices)

Sky Go on a Set-top Box

At the time of writing, there is no set-top box offering access to Sky Go. The following notes might be helpful though:

Setting Up Sky Go

Fetch TV? Sky Go was available to users of the Fetch TV set-up box. Fetch TV sent into administration at the end of 2011, and the SKy Go service stopped in May 2012.

Setting Up Sky Go

3View? There were plans for the Sky Player (the predecessor to Sky Go) to be available on the 3View box. As of early 2012, the 3View box ceased to be available and the manufacturer’s website vanished. At the time of writing, we’re not sure about the fate of 3View, but there’s no Sky Go on the service, and we can’t recommend it!

Apple TV? We understand that you can’t use an iPhone or iPad with an Apple TV box to get Sky Go on your TV. The Sky Go app does not support Airplay, so can’t output video onto a TV via an Apple TV box.

Sky Go on Humax boxes?

There has been discussion of Sky Go being available on the Humax Portal, meaning that Internet-enabled Freeview and Freesat boxes made by Humax will have access to Sky Go. The last official work we heard on this was back in 2011, when the service was “coming shortly”. At the time of writing, we’re not aware of any firm plans for Sky Go to come to Humax, but please add a comment below if you know differently

Setting Up Sky Go Login

Options for Sky Go on a TV?

If you’re looking to get Sky Go to appear on your telly, there are a few options:

  • Connect the output of your laptop to your TV screen (How to connect a laptop to a TV)
  • Use an X-box 360 games console
  • Get a Sky box on subscription and use Sky Anytime

Setting Up Sky Go Tv

If we hear of any boxes that support Sky Go, we’ll add them to this page.

Know of another Sky Go alternative? Please add a comment below.