Sequential Gearbox Price

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u201cWorlds Strongest Sequential Transmission @ 1800 ftlbsu201d</strong></p>','tablet':'

u201cWorlds Strongest Sequential Transmission @ 1800+ftlbsu201d</strong></p>'}},'slug':'et_pb_slide'}'>

QUAIFE QKE8J 5-SPEED SEQUENTIAL GEARBOX - Contact Seller for Price. Listed By palos88. Show phone number Contact Seller for Price. Private Seller - palos88 Athens, Athens. Message Seller + Add to Favorites. Get Push Notifications for Favorite Listings. Drenth 5-speed sequential gearbox Evo 4. World's #1 in the fastest and softest shifting on the market. The Full sequential gearbox Mitsubishi EVO 4 - 9 and X is integrated an ultra lightweight aluminium casting case section that holds the fastest sequential mechanism with the softest shifting, the strongest shafts, forks and gears on the market at 6 speed version. Rated to 900Nm engine torque.

“Worlds Strongest Sequential Transmission @ 1800 ftlbs”


5 or 6 Speed in ANY available Ratio Stack!</strong></p>n

Delivered anywhere in the USA FREE, 100% RACE READY!</strong></p>','tablet':'5 or 6 Speed in ANY available Ratio Stack!</strong>
nDelivered anywhere in the USA FREE, 100% RACE READY!</strong>','phone':'

5 or 6 Speed in ANY available Ratio Stack! Delivered anywhere in the USA FREE, 100% RACE READY!</strong></p>'}},'slug':'et_pb_slide'}'>

5 or 6 Speed in ANY available Ratio Stack!

Delivered anywhere in the USA FREE, 100% RACE READY!

6XD Modular Design Advantages

The 6XD Sequential Gearbox has what NO OTHER sequential Offers! 250+ ratios, replaceable dog-rings vs gears, independent shifter barrels, rotatable forks, (12) inputs, 6XD can be rotate 90* for lower crank centerline to the ground!

6XD Simplicity of Service

Swapping out drop-gears for longer-shorter overall stack in 8-10 minutes! Replaceable dog-rings/sliders in 15-20 minutes, rotating shift handle for exact location YOU want!

6XD Low Cost in Stock Items

6XD is designed, engineered to have DOUBLE the life & STRENGTH regarding internal wear parts such as forks, shifter barrels, and gear sets! Clients mentioned they have saved thousands of dollars already.

100% American Made - In House

6XD sequential components are 100% made in USA between SS mfg and Gforce transmissions, this allows us to also make custom items quickly for YOU and make changes to current parts which may benefit your special application!

6XD built by Senior Lead Builder w/30+ years Winning Experience

RTS/Rick Lamber, he has built a significant amount of award winning race transmissions over the years. Every unit runs on dyno spin-rig for 45 minutes ensuring top performance for plug n play installs.

Award Winning Customer Service & Installation Assistance

We’re 100% committed making sure YOU are taken care of with experienced guidance, assembling everything needed for a Plug n Play package! YOUR one stop shop for SUCCESS!

Our 6XD Sequential Gearbox.

Went from drawings on paper to actual production racing product in 11 months! Unheard of right?, not really when you combine the proven experience of Gforce Transmissions, RTS INC and SS mfg engineer Clay Stephens working together to deliver winning results!
1st Year = * Not One Failure Ever / 31 wins / 5 Championships *

Sequential Gearbox Price

* The next racing product on our design board is a 6XD-TransAxle unit for C5, C6, and C7 corvette. This project is already underway, big thanks to Brett Bradbury owner of LS PERFORMANCE in Dallas, TX for sending us his Corvettes.

* This NEW 6XD-TransAxle will mate up to the RTS1000+ Winters quick change rear, which has proven to be “Unbreakable” past 3 years in the Formula Drift Pro series, with 1400ftlbs beat thru it.

* We are planning to have this 6XD-TransAxle project available in spring of 2021!

* 6XD AWD sequential gearbox is being looked at for late 2021!

* Email us with your ideas for new racing projects, we make dreams a reality!


Our 6XD Team has an Impressive Winning Resume to prove it:

“100+ Wins, 9 World Championships regarding C.A.R.T, IndyCar, NASCAR, World Drift Championship, Formula Drift, and now the Trans-Am Series!

ACP Motorsports / Trans-Am Series / 6 Wins 2019 = 5XD!

“The 5XD sequential gearbox is the smoothest shifting, most reliable, and trouble free racing transmission I have ever had in any race car I’ve driven in 50 years. The customer service I have experienced regarding RTS INC owner Rick Lamber / SS mfg owners Clay Stephens & Skyler Schipper has been unmatched by any other driveline supplier ever!”

Kerry Hitt

FD Pro1 Series

“It really is the World’s BEST sequential I ever used, the 6XD is truly Insane, thank you!

I’m so glad to have RTS INC and SS mfg apart of our racing program”


Cameron Moore
Pro1 Driver

FD Pro2 Series / 5 Wins & Lone Star Drift Championship 2019

Samsonas Sequential Gearbox Price

“The 6XD gearbox has been such a drastic improvement to our car this season!

The box has taken any and all abuse we could’ve thrown at it. It’s been used in more than 15 high intensity drift events this season and the reliability has been impeccable!

The support of the RTS INC / SS mfg team has been amazing and they’ve developed one incredible product!!!””

Nick Noback
Pro2 Driver

Rick Lamber 714-290-5276

703B Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081

Samsonas Sequential Gearbox Price

Clay Stephens 770-317-8121


703B Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081