Semi Automatic Gearbox

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Contrary to the common perception that semi-auto gearboxes are an automatic gearbox with the function to shift the gearbox manually, however, people are often surprised when we explain that actually, they are a manual gearbox with various different adaptations to make them work in an automatic fashion. Some of the adaptations include single and double actuators, automatic clutches, hydraulic units, ecu’s and even in some cases, mechatronic units that are programmed and coded to the vehicles.

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Semi Automatic Gearbox

Semi-automatic Gearbox Operation

Semi Automatic Gearbox

The semi-automatic work we take on is a specialist field we started to be involved in years ago through customers being left high and dry by main dealers who are not interested in repairing or rebuilding the units. Due to the fact they don’t actually know how to deal with the vehicles they sell and supposedly repair the problems they get, this can be a very costly experience. The end result in most cases is to just get you to buy new actuators/units to the tune of anything from £1000 and upwards which is normally after the costs have already spiralled out of control while they have guessed and tried to change anything that the check sheet says without it making any difference. Even worse is they can quite often end up selling some people the manual gearbox underneath at cost of another £1600 and upwards when it was nothing to do with the problem.

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Unfortunately, many garages will not even touch the vehicles these days and when they do it ends up being a disaster and we get a half completed job that is even more difficult to sort out. All our work is guaranteed and is carried out to the highest order, as you would expect from a company that gets vehicles coming from main dealerships due to our expertise in fixing semi-automatic gearboxes and the actuators.

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Best Semi-Truck Automatic Transmission Buying Guide Even though close to 80% of heavy truck transmissions sold by Eaton are manual, there is still a demand for automatic transmissions. Eaton manufactures majority of the Class 8 manual transmissions for the United States and Canada with the exception of Mack whom use their own transmissions. A semi-automatic transmission (also known as a clutchless manual, auto-manual, semi-manual, or (in motorsports) a paddle-shift gearbox, is an automobile transmission that combines mechanisms of a manual and automatic transmission. Semi-automatic transmission refers to a conventional manual transmission with an automatic clutch. The semi-automatic gearbox allows rider to change gears without depressing the clutch lever. In fact the clutch lever is not even fitted to the handle bar. It is completely not necessary for this type of engine.