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Odin is a firmware flashing tool for the Android device. Odin download provides you one of the most secure tools developed Samsung, so it is a trusted application for flashing custom ROMS of different Samsung devices. While using Samsung Odin flashing can be done through fastboot mode or through recovery mode. 1) First Download Odin for Samsung Galaxy devices from above and extract the zip file. 2) Connect your Samsung device to your PC with the data cable and reboot into the Download/Odin mode. 3) To enter into download mode turn off your phone and press and hold the ‘ Home + Volume Down + Power ’ buttons together until you see the download mode.

Odin is a tool used to flash phones it is lightweight yet powerful and widely used by Android users worldwide. Odin is a necessary tool if you desire to Flash stock/Custom Firmware, Flash Recovery File, Flash Kernels/Root packages (Root Samsung android device). It is an official firmware flashing tool for all Samsung devices for windows PC. However, Samsung Odin tool is a Windows-based ROM Flashing tool / Rooting tool particularly created for Samsung smartphones and tablets. For instance, if you are constantly searching for help as to how you can download all the versions of Windows then, you need to definitely check this post.

In this article, we will be providing you the links to download Samsung Odin Flash Tool (All versions) for Windows. Samsung binaries are readily accessible (BL, AP, CP, CSC [CSC and HOME_CSC] and PIT files), and with the help of the Odin flash tool, you can smoothly flash them onto your Samsung Galaxy device it hardly takes 4-8 minutes to do so. With the help of this flash tool, you can easily update your Galaxy device to the latest software and also restore the stock or fix the boot loop on your Samsung smartphone. So, without delay, let’s get straight into the article:

Want to know what is the Odin Tool?

Samsung Odin Flash tool is a strong and beneficial tool. Most importantly it provides system customization such as custom recoveries, flash custom Roms, Flash stock firmware(in .tar or .tar.md5 formats), and root access to the app, enabling you to gain advanced functionality that is not available to normal users. It works on Android-based Samsung devices and supports any Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP PC. This tool is mainly developed by Samsung for its android based smartphone and tablets and works excellently on the devices. As well you can use this tool to install official and unofficial firmware.

Download Odin for Windows PC

We recommend downloading the latest version of Odin 3.14.4 on your PC or Laptop. the latest update brings bug fixes and stability improvements. here we managed to latest version along with the older version of the Samsung Odin tool for your supported devices.

Users from Android KitKat, use Odin v3.07 or lower
Odin v3.06Click To Download
Odin v3.07Click To Download

After the Android KitKat and Jelly Bean use Odin v3.09 or higher

Odin v3.09Click To Download
Odin v3.10.0Click To Download
Odin v3.10.5Click To Download
Odin v3.10.6Click To Download
Odin v3.10.7Click To Download

Next Android 6.0 Marshmallow can use Odin v3.11.1 or higher

Odin v3.11.1Click To Download
Odin v3.11.2Click To Download
Odin v3.12.3Click To Download
Odin v3.12.4Click To Download
Odin v3.12.5Click To Download
Odin v3.12.7Click To Download
Odin v3.12.10Click To Download

For the Galaxy Note 10/S10/S20 Series Odin v3.13.3

Odin v3.13.1Click To Download

The latest Android 10 Q can use Odin v3.14.1 or higher

Odin v3.14.1Click To DownloadLatest Version
Odin v3.14.4Click To DownloadLatest Version
this version of Odin was released in January 2016. the error can be fixed by flashing the Galaxy S7/S7e USA model (AT&T, T-mobile) and it can be fixed for model 2016. use Odin v3.13.3 or higher for Galaxy Note 10/S10/S20 Series, use Odin v3.14.1 or higher for For Android 10 series.


  • Back your Data up so in case of a mishap, you don’t lose it
  • Install the latest Samsung USB Drivers on your computer.
  • Use always original USB Cable.
  • Odin tool only supports flashing firmware and files on Samsung Android devices.
  • Odin tool works on Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 computers.
  • Ensure Samsung Kies software is not running while using the Odin tool, it may interrupt the process.
  • To install the firmware, you should download the stock firmware for your Samsung device. you can utilize SamFirm Tool to download the latest stock firmware for your Samsung android device.

How to Install Odin Flash Tool on Windows PC

  • Download the Odin tool zip from the download link above.
  • Extract the downloaded file on your computer by using an archive tool and open the Odin tool folder.
  • After that click OK to continue, when you see a popup warning message.
  • Now you will able to see ODIN software on your Windows computer.

Congratulation Guys, now you have successfully Downloaded Odin on your PC.

Looking for the latest Download Samsung Firmware? Here will get you the Samsung Firmware or you can check the below link for direct download.

Here are the Samsung Firmware Download Site Links

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If you have a new Samsung Gear Fit and for some reason you can’t get it to upgrade over bluetooth with Gear Fit manager or by using Samsung Kies installed on your computer, then don’t worry. I am here to help. If you are using Gear Fit with a unofficial Android device, then this will also help you to get your device updated to the latest firmware.

In this tutorial, I will be guiding you through the process of manually upgrading Samsung Gear Fit via PC using Odin. All the required files can be downloaded below. The firmware version of Gear Fit is the latest as of this writing.

Odin 3.09.5
Gear Fit firmware (r350xxu0bnd8)
Samsung USB drivers if needed

Step one- Place Gear Fit into download mode

To put your Gear Fit into download mode first, turn Gear Fit off then press and hold button until Gear Fit powers back on showing Gear Fit logo and Samsung logo. Continue holding button until Samsung logo disappears and a vibration is felt. Without delay, press button five times when Gear Fit restarting appears on device and once when option appears to select download options. Immediately press and hold for three seconds to enter download mode.

Samsung Kies Odin

Step two- Start Odin and select Gear Fit Firmware files
If you haven’t downloaded the required files, please do so and extract all the files from Gear Fit archive and launch Odin. Under Files [Download] category in Odin, select all three files labelled starting with BL, AP and CSC. Leave all other options as default.

Update (05/22/2014) – Please note that for future updates where only one update file is available for Gear Fit, use option CSC to select the file in Odin.

Step 3- Start firmware flash process

Samsung kies odin appSamsung kies ou odin

Connect Gear Fit to your computer by using connection dongle for charging to connect Micro USB cable to Gear Fit. At this point, Odin should display COM ports one and two as connected. You should now be able to click the start button in Odin to begin the process. If Odin doesn’t recognize Gear Fit after connecting to your computer, you will need to download Samsung drivers.


Possible errors:

Odin For Samsung Download

If the device is not rebooted automatically after downloading binary,
-> Press power button of Gear Fit over 7 seconds. (HW reset)
And then, check the S/W version of Gear Fit.

If Odin3 download program cannot find new Gear Fit device (COM port) after finishing download sequence,
-> Please restart Odin3 program.

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