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Kies download: out my new channel with gaming videos! Kies is a tool for managing Samsung phones from your computer that uses a layout relatively similar to what other programs such as iTunes offer. You can sync your phone both using the cable, which is most common, and via WiFi, which is the easiest way to manage the content on your phone. 1/3 Samsung Kies is the official program from Samsung that helps users to sync their Samsung Android Devices with their Mac computers. It is an absolute essential for such users as it helps them in managing their videos and music between the devices.

Samsung Kies Editor's Review

Samsung Kies 3 Apk

A great concept that still needs the bugs worked out.


Kies Samsung Galaxy S

The bugs and errors from Kies 1.0 were maddening and Kies 2.0 looks like a prettier version that has yet to work out all the kinks.
Like the original software, Kies 2.0 allows you to connect your Samsung smartphone to your computer. Being able to use both a USB cable and wi-fi is definitely user-friendly, allowing file transfers and software updates whether or not you have a USB cable on you or access to wi-fi. Kies 2.0 also allows a few iTunes-like features such as syncing of contacts with Outlook and Google, syncing of music and the purchase of apps for the Android operating system. The automatic update feature is handy for those who forget to check for updates, but can become annoying.
The interface is, again, similar to iTunes, but thankfully is much more resource-light than Apple's flagship program. The drag-and-drop transfer is quick, simple and easy - when it works. Unfortunately the program still seems plagued by lags, hanging and drops.
Pros: automatic update notification and device recognition, quick access to Samsung Apps, quick and painless setup, non-intensive resource usage.
Cons: still quite buggy, often freezes and hangs.
Conclusion: Kies 2.0 has not been out off beta for long, and if the reported problems with freezing can be worked out in future updates then it will be a great piece of software.