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Rhino To Blender Online


Hi @nathanletwory,
just stumbled across your Blender 3dm importer video via Luis’s tweet and I’m completely blown away! This seems to be the link that I wished to have for years now… Did the transport via FBX and OBJ until now but it always was some kind of a hassle.
Do you plan on extending that plugin (Layers/Materials/Blocks/Blender2.8)? This would of course be amazing - but if not I would try to see where I can get with my poor python skills
Anyway, I tried to jump right in and see if I could at least get where you are in the video. But I already failed to understand how to install rhino3dm.py to Blender’s Python.
Could you maybe give a short introduction on how to make Blender Rhino-ready?
I’m really keen on getting into this stuff
Thank you!


Rhino To Blender Machine

Use Rhino’s “from NURBS control polygon” feature under “Mesh” tools. Now export this as obj to Blender Then in blender “Add modifier” and then “subdive” surface with catmull clark and then “Set Smooth”. Blender is more similar to 3dsMax or Maya than it is to Rhino. While there are units and the ability to input precise measurements, it is generally used as a rougher, almost 3d sketching tool in terms of modeling compared to 3d drafting that you get out of Rhino. The Rhino Coffee Gear RHPR300-S-BL has been designed to fit in the bench of cafes, restaurants, coffee bars, and juice bars. This vessel rinser features a new honeycomb drain tray and a new Actuator Star design, which both help to prevent liquid build. Unfortunately I could not stop trying to make it work and you mentioning Blender 2.8 was a breakthrough for me: As 2.8 is built against Python 3.7 and one flavor of rhino3dm.py is as well, I was able to install the latter to 2.8’s bundeled Python. Now I can import rhino3dm in Blender and load a.3dm file!!