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RenderMan Licensing
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RenderMan has a flexible licensing system. A single RenderMan License can be used either for batch rendering or for rendering with an artist seat.

Floating or Node Locked

Choose between floating and node locked licensing. Floating RenderMan licenses can be distributed across a network as needed, allowing the full utilization of all licenses on the renderfarm to achieve top performance. On the other hand, node locked licenses offer ease of installation and are an efficient solution for a single workstation.


Give me tutorials talking about Renderman 21 inside Blender. $endgroup$ – Bouzazi Wessim Jul 25 '17 at 17:59 $begingroup$ Best place for tutorials is the link below I provided and here. We have a new Blender bridge tool, check it out!

RenderMan for Blender. Blender render addon for Pixar's RenderMan 21.0 and beyond. To use, install RenderMan, (free from, download the latest release and put it in the addons folder for Blender. See the installation.txt file for detailed instructions. For support visit the RenderMan forums. With USD support planned or released from vendors like SideFX, Autodesk, Foundry, and Nvidia, this new technology will play an increasingly important role in production pipelines, and RenderMan’s support for USD is a critical part of future studio roadmaps across the industry. Check out how we use it at our Studio: Pixar's USD Pipeline.

RenderMan (includes Tractor) . . $595 USD per license
RenderMan Annual Maintenance . . $250 USD per license
Tractor (stand alone). . . . . . $100 USD per license
Tractor Annual Maintenance . . . $20 USD per license

Cloud Services

There are several RenderMan solutions for rendering in the cloud, providing extraordinary burst capacity.


Licensing is per day, with a minimum of 10 licenses for 7 days.

RenderMan Rental. . . . . . . . . $5 USD per License


Upgrades are free for users with current maintenance and can be upgraded online using your User Profile ▶

Upgrades can be purchased directly, please contact RenderMan Sales ▶


Blender Pixar

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We are happy to help you determine the best configuration for your needs. Write us to request a custom quote for any configuration, from a single license, to a site license, or temporary burst capacity. Request a quote ▶

Looking for the RenderMan Installer?

Download the RenderMan Installer from the download section in your user account.

Need Help Installing?

Please visit our Installation Docs for step-by-step instructions or visit our Answers platform for personalized support:

North American Schools

For schools commited to offering studies in RenderMan, we're are happy to provide a reasonable donation and help you find a solution for your purposes.
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International Schools

For schools outside of North America, please contact the RenderMan Reseller in your area above.

Renderman Vs Blender

Students and Educators

Students and educators qualify for Free Non-Commercial RenderMan.
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Looking for information on RenderMan version 23?

The newest version of RenderMan has just shipped and we have a great list of frequently asked questions to get you up to speed on the latest developments with RenderMan.

What options do I have to purchase RenderMan?

There are two options to choose from:

  • Purchase RenderMan direct from Pixar - Request A Quote ▶
  • Purchase RenderMan directly from your Authorized Reseller
What is the pricing of RenderMan?

RenderMan costs $595 per license, and provides access to the batch renderer and all of the interfaces to all supported authoring applications. One free license of Tractor is also included with every license of RenderMan. Please contact [email protected] or your local reseller where we can configure compelling packages tailored for your specific requirements.

Are RenderMan licenses either floating or node-locked?

Commercial RenderMan licenses by default are floating providing the flexibility to deploy RenderMan anywhere on your network. Node-locked licenses can be made available upon request.

What does RenderMan maintenance provide?

Yearly maintenance is $250 per RenderMan license for commercial users and includes full support, upgrades, and beta access within a 1-year term.

Is maintenance on Tractor available and what does it cover?

Yes, maintenance is $20 per Tractor license for commercial users and includes full support and upgrades within a 1-year term.

How can I upgrade to the latest version of RenderMan?

It’s easy to upgrade to RenderMan, simply go here: Automatic RenderMan Upgrade.

If I upgrade to the latest version of RenderMan, can I still use previous versions?

Yes. Older versions of RenderMan will still continue to function even after you upgrade, and commercial users have access to archives of previous version of RenderMan.

Are previous versions of RenderMan still available for NCR?

No. Non-Commercial RenderMan only supports the latest version of RenderMan. If you'd like to install a previous version, you may purchase a license which will give you access to previous versions of RenderMan. Since Non-Commercial RenderMan is free, we only have the resources to support one version at a time.

Which is the current Non-Commercial version?

Non-Commercial and commercial RenderMan are both at version 23.

Where can I find more information about RenderMan pricing?

Please write us on our Contact Page with your questions. One of our specialists will help you learn more about Pixar's RenderMan.

Are cloud rendering services available for RenderMan?

Yes. Several cloud services providing RenderMan metered by the minute or hour are available, including Google Zync and Rayvision. More services are being added. Please write RenderMan Sales for updates.

Renderman Blender Linux

More Info About RenderMan?

For questions related to the RenderMan Products contact RenderMan Sales, and one of our RenderMan specialists will help you learn more about Pixar's RenderMan. Contact RenderMan Sales.

Pixar's Core Rendering Technology

For over 30 years RenderMan has been at the forefront of the visual effects revolution, and today RenderMan is a high performance renderer built to tackle the most complicated 3D scenes imaginable. With the new state-of-the-art ray tracing framework optimized for physically-based rendering, RenderMan can deliver unmatched flexibility for any production pipeline.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker © and ™ Lucasfilm, Ltd. All Rights Reserved

About RenderMan Pro Server

PhotoRealistic RenderMan (PRMan) is a rendering system that generates high-quality 2D images from 3D scene-description information, typically generated by a plugin to a content creation application such as Autodesk Maya. Scene descriptions are created through the RenderMan Interface and are typically comprised of:

  • a description of the geometry present in the scene like teapots, aliens, and spheres,
  • references to functions that describe how the geometry should be shaded creating things like glass, wood, and skin,
  • specifications of light sources (type, position, and orientation), and
  • a specification of the virtual camera through which the resultant picture is to be rendered.

The scene description may also specify the destination for the output image (e.g., a file or a frame buffer), as well as miscellaneous parameters that control the operation of the rendering system: how much effort to devote to avoiding aliasing, for instance.

Scenes need not be created by hand using an editor although they can be readable by humans. Plugins are provided for popular content creation applications for an artist-friendly and efficient workflow. RenderMan's suite of plugins allows an artist to focus on creation rather than technical details. The documentation for RenderMan covers many of these features and workflows in the form of tutorials and explanations and is ever expanding.

Please see the below sections for plugin descriptions and tutorials: