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People use GitHub to build some of the most advanced technologies in the world. Whether you’re visualizing data or building a new game, there’s a whole community and set of tools on GitHub that can help you do it even better.

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May 16, 2019 GitHub, A very common name on the world of developers, is the largest community of developers to share, discover and build better software. From reading awesome documentation to web-based hosting. Apr 20, 2019 Most popular repository providers like GitHub, gitlab and bitbucket are using the file as a file descriptor. What is markdown? Markdown is a scri p ting language that is very lightweight. Nov 01, 2019 To add image into GitHub file, first upload the image into the GitHub repository. First check if there is any changes in the (remote) GitHub repository, if there is any, then pull the content of the repository, then add the image file, commit it into git then proceed to push it into the GitHub repository.

Now, with GitHub Learning Lab, you’ve got a sidekick along your path to becoming an all-star developer.


From managing notifications to merging pull requests, GitHub Learning Lab’s “Introduction to GitHub” course guides you through everything you need to start contributing in less than an hour. See a word you don't understand? We've included an emoji 📖 next to some key terms. Click on it to see its definition.

Github readme formatting new lineGithub

Readme Github Format Template

What you'll learn

We'll answer common questions like:

  • What is GitHub?
  • How does one use GitHub?
  • What are issues and pull requests?
  • How do you create a branch and a commit?
  • How do you use GitHub Pages?
Readme github format free

And when you're done you'll be able to:

  • Communicate in issues
  • Manage notifications
  • Create branches
  • Make commits
  • Introduce changes with pull requests
  • Deploy a web page to GitHub pages

What you'll build

  • Completed source repository
  • Interactive slideshow deployed to GitHub Pages.


None. This course is a great introduction for your first day on GitHub.

Projects used

This makes use of the following open source projects. Consider exploring these repos and maybe even making contributions!

  • reveal.js: A framework for creating presentations using HTML
  • Jekyll: a simple, blog-aware, static site generator.


New developers, new GitHub users, users new to Git, students, managers, teams


Super simple GitHub profile Readme generator made with Vue.js, that allows you to create beautiful Readme files that you can copy/paste in your profile.

What is a GitHub profile Readme? Check out the repository to learn more.

Markdown Tips:

  • To bolden the text, wrap it with two asterisks (*) (**word**)
  • To italisize the text, wrap it with one asterisk (*) (*word*)
  • To strikethrough the text, wrap it with two tildes (~) (~~word~~)
  • To make a link, place the link text in brackets and the url in parentheses ([link](
  • To make an image, place an !, the alt text in brackets, and the url in parentheses (![github](/images/icon.png))

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Github Readme Formatting Code

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