R380 Gearbox

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Get the best deals for r380 transmission at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Through some painstaking research, I've found this vehicle doesn't use a Ford gearbox mated to an LDV bellhousing (as I'd hoped for ease of type 9 conversion) but in fact an R380 gearbox. LT77 or R380 with bell housing; Clutch kit, shifters and mounts; Why have I lost all drive on my 300 TDI Defender/Disco with R380 5-speed manual gearbox? Some of the owners have faced this issue and there are three possible problems. The worn away main shaft spline, which doesn’t engage in the transfer case input gear, (the most common one). R380 Gearbox (78) Redbooster Clutch Assist (4) Roamerdrive Overdrive (4) Series 1, 2 & 3 Gearboxes (81). The R380 5 speed all synchromesh gearbox comprises an input shaft, output shaft, layshaft and reverse idler shaft. Gearbox casings consist of a front cover, gearcase, centre plate and extension housing, all casings are located by dowels and sealed.

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Reverse and 5th gear - Reassembly

1. Fit mainshaft reverse gear selectable washer,

bush and needle bearing.

2. Fit mainshaft reverse gear and synchromesh

baulk ring.

3. Fit layshaft reverse gear.
4. Assemble selector spool, selector fork and


reverse /5th gear synchromesh hub. Fit as one
assembly to mainshaft splines and selector
shaft. (Ensure synchromesh baulk ring locates
inside hub).

5. Fit new circlip.

R380 Gearbox

R380 Gearbox Oil

NOTE: The fit of the circlip is controlled by
the selectable washer behind the reverse
gear. Adjust to

0.005 - 0.055mm (0.0002 -


6. Fit 5th gear split needle bearing.
7. Fit 5th gear and 5th gear synchromesh baulk

ring to mainshaft, fit layshaft 5th gear.


Later gearboxes: Fit split washer to retain
layshaft 5th gear.

NOTE: Bevelled side of washer must face
towards gear.

9. Fit new mainshaft thrust collar roll pin. Locate

5th gear thrust segments and retaining ring.


R380 Gearbox

10. Using LRT-37-023 to hold layshaft 5th gear,

tighten the layshaft 5th gear nut to 220 Nm.

11. Stake layshaft 5th gear nut.

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