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Asendia is an alliance between two equal partners, La Poste and Swiss Post. These two seasoned postal operators have united to become the world's leading service provider for international mail and parcel business. As a global mail and parcel solutions company, Asendia will combine the expertise and networks of these two partners and bring into play our comprehensive know-how for mail, catalogs, press and small parcels.

  1. To create a shipment with USPS Priority Mail International, you must enter your shipment details (such as address and item details) and purchase a shipping label.Print out your shipping labels and attach to your package and then dropoff your package at a designated dropoff location.
  2. Shipments sent in Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Priced Boxes can weigh up to 4 lbs. Shipments sent in Priority Mail International Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes can weigh up to 20 lbs. Packages shipped via First-Class Package International Service® must weigh 4 lbs or less and have a value of $400 or less. Order Shipping Supplies.

How Much Does Priority Mail® Cost?

Asendia expedites international packages within the U.S. and then hands off to local carriers in the destination country for final mile delivery. Sometimes packages are handed off to carrier partners (i.e. USPS, Swiss Post, La Poste) before being sent to the destination country.

How do I track my Asendia package?

Asendia Priority Tracked is a fully tracked service that provides delivery confirmation. This is available to 45 countries.

Asendia Priority Airmail is a partially tracked service and does not provide delivery confirmation.

Tracking for Asendia Priority Tracked shipments can be found on our public tracking page and on Asendia’s website. Read below on how to track Asendia shipments.

Us airmail service history

Asendia Tracking

Asendia sorts packages at their international service centers in the U.S. and then forwards to the destination country. This means packages are handled by different carriers along the shipment’s journey. Once in the destination country, the packages are handed off to the local postal authority for the final delivery to your recipient.

Recently, we’ve noticed delays in Asendia’s tracking updates at the hand-off to the destination country’s postal authority. Updates from the local postal carrier are not being shared with Asendia in a timely manner, resulting in a lack of updates both on Asendia’s tracking page and Chit Chats’ tracking page. We understand that this may cause some confusion and wanted to advise that we are working with Asendia to find a solution. Rest assured this is not affecting delivery or last mile tracking with the local postal carrier as shipments are being delivered.

How to track Asendia Priority Tracked shipments

To find the latest tracking updates for Asendia Priority Tracked shipments enter the secondary tracking number from Asendia’s page on:

  1. The partner carrier’s tracking page (USPS, Swiss Post, La Poste) or
  2. The destination country’s local postal carrier’s tracking page

My parcel is shipped by Asendia and I don’t have a tracking number. How can I track it?

Asendia offers their customers a wide range of tracking options and some services are not tracked.

Please check with your retailer to find out which service is used by them. If the service is tracked, ask the retailer to provide you with a tracking number.

After paying for the Banggood order the seller prepares your goods for transportation and hands them over to the postal or courier company which will deliver your purchase. It is important to remember that the order number differs from the shipment tracking number.

Usually Banggood order numbers consist of 9 digits, for example 27413756, 33139437. You can't track your goods using only order number, anywhere except the Banggood mobile app or web site!To track the parcel, you need to find the shipment tracking number on the Banggood order page.

Tracking numbers look like: F70518170502001N, 460311220029, 69026559945, RS825444934NL, LM335952985CN, HKAJD1126347556081, CNAQHAL651707200771. The specific format of the tracking number depends on the postal/courier company that delivers your order.

Most often orders with Banggood are sent through Flyt Express, S.F. Express, China Post, EMS China Post, Netherlands Post, Sweden Post, DHL eCommerce.

If you have problems with the order, then it's best to ask on the Banggood customer support forum where Banggood support staff quickly responds to all the questions that arise regarding the delivery of your order.

To not get confused where to track your parcel from Banggood, save the tracking number in the Parcels app to effortlessly track your packages, their current location and delivery status.

No matter what tracking number you received from the Banggood seller, simply enter it in the search box above and find out where your order is.

European Railway Direct Mail tracking

New relatively cheap shipping option on Banggood is European Railway Direct Mail. Shipping time can take up to 90 days.

European Direct Mail tracking

Parcels to Europe from Banggood are most frequently delivered by Flyt Express and after arriving to Europe, they are delivered by final mile courier GLS.

When GLS recieves shipment information it will show following tracking status: The parcel data was entered into the GLS system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS.

GLS tracking will start updating only once the package has arrived physically in the Belgium GLS sorting center.

The last step, before leaving the China, is Item in Transit ad Hong Kong. The days that pass from this movement to the arrival in Belgium represent the time spent traveling and at customs for the related checks.

European Direct Mail: what are the real time frames?

The European Direct Mail guarantees a excellent service if we consider the cost of a few euros and the average delivery speed. Usually the purchased product uses from 7 to 15 working days to transit from China to your homes.

In special cases like this, the waiting period may extend up to 20 working days or little more

EU Priority Line Tracking

EU Priority Line is the new shipment without customs of Banggood! Banggood will ship your parcel with GLS or Post NL.

Airmail Tracking

EU Priority Line it has no customs costs which are borne by the store originally before sending the purchased product.

Tracking Priority Direct Mail

Priority Direct Mail is an umbrella term for a multitude of shipping companies Banggood uses to deliver to most of Europe. It involves sending your purchases with such postal companies as PostNL, China EMS ePacket, DHL Global Mail, etc.

Priority airmail amazon prime

Track any parcels from Banggood with our universal postal tracker integrated with over 300 postal and express companies worldwide.

Tracking India Direct Mail from China

Priority Airmail Tracking

Banggood uses AllJoy Logistics when you buy goods with India Direct Mail as a shipping method. Our services provides convenient way to track all your purchases from Banggod, shipping by AllJoy or any other express or postal company.

Tracking Brazil Direct Mail from China

Us Airmail Service History

It was noted that Banggood prefers AllJoy Logistics among other delivery methods when you purchase something with Brazil Direct Mail as a shipping method.