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  1. Go to
  2. Enter UniSA username
  3. Enter UniSA password
  4. Click Log On
    The web browser will either automatically check if Citrix Receiver is installed or you will need to click Detect Receiver. If not installed you will be prompted to install the latest version of Citrix Receiver.
    1. Tick I agree with the Citrix License Agreement
    2. Click Install/Download
    3. Click Run or Save on the Citrix Receiver Web client
      NOTE:Follow the usual process for installing software according to the web browser you are using.
    4. Click Run
    5. If prompted allow Citrix Receiver to make changes to your device
  5. Click Start on Welcome to Citrix Receiver screen
  6. Tick Accept the license agreement
  7. Click Install
  8. Click Finish
  9. Click Allow if prompted to run the Citrix Systems, Inc Add-on
    NOTE: A secondary window may also show, click Allow.
  10. You will be presented with a list of applications you have access to.
  11. Click desired application
    The first time you launch an application you may be prompted for access through firewall, click Allow Access.

If you cannot use the Citrix Workspace application, you can use the HTML5 web-based interface. This option is not as powerful and lacks some features of the Citrix Workspace. If you have to use the web-based interface, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when using the Central Piedmont Cloud as they offer full HTML5. Open the Chrome Web Store and search for Citrix Workspace to download and install the app to your Chromebook. NOTE: Use the Citrix Workspace App to access AppsToGo, NOT your web browser. Android Devices. Open the Google Play Store and search for Citrix Workspace to download and install the latest version. All Other Devices. Citrix Workspace app for Chrome- Latest version available in Chrome Web Store. Citrix Workspace app for Android- Latest version available in Google Play. Citrix Workspace app for iOS- Latest version available in Apple App Store. Citrix Workspace app for Linux 2006 or later. View the data source and turn on data processing.

Or for step by step instructions (including screenshots) see how to access Student Apps from Windows page.

Citrix Workspace for iOS available in the Intune Company Portal. For existing deployments of Citrix Receiver, they should be updated to Citrix Workspace app automatically. Android Android Store app. At the time of writing, the Workspace app for Android is not available in the Google Play Store, but a tech preview is available for download as an.

Citrix Client Installs for CoxHealth SRA



NOTE: Internet Explorer 11 is currently recommended for accessing SRA on Windows.

Before logging in to the SRA site, download and install Citrix Receiver for Windows from:

1) Click on “Download Receiver for Windows.” Scroll down if you do not see the download button.

2) Click “Run” when asked what to do with the file.

3) When prompted click the 'Start” button.

4) Read and click the check mark to accept the license agreement and click “Next”.

5) You may get a question about “Single Sign-on'. If so, set this OFF (not checked) and click “Install”.

6) Click “Finish” when the install progress is complete. Do not click “Add Account”.

7) Reboot your PC.

8) After reboot, it will ask you to add an account. This is not needed. Leave blank and click the check mark by “Do not show this window automatically at logon”, and then click the “Close” button.

You should now be able to launch applications in the SRA portal.

See the Imprivata Two-Factor Authentication page at for how to setup and use Imprivata during your SRA login.

Play store citrix workspace app

NOTE: At this time, on Mac it is not possible to provide the best SRA user experience with the Safari browser. We highly recommend using Google Chrome instead for accessing the SRA portal and applications on Mac.

Download and install Citrix Workspace for Mac from:

1) Click on “Download Citrix Workspace app for Mac.”

2) Click Allow if prompted to allow downloads.

3) When download completes, click on the Downloads icon on the Dock and select CitrixWorkspaceapp.dmg.

4) Double-click on “Install Citrix Workspace”.

5) Click “Continue” to start installer.

6) Click the “Continue” button.

7) Click the “Continue” button on License Agreement.

8) Click the “Agree” button.

Play store citrix workspace client

9) Click the “Install” button.

10) If you are prompted to do so, type in your password to allow install.

11) Do not select “Add Account”. Click the “Continue” button.

12) At “Installation Successful”, click the “Close” button to end the installation.

13) Google Chrome is the recommended browser for SRA access on Mac. To configure it to seamlessly start your SRA apps when you launch them, do the following:

A.Go to and log in with your CoxHealth network username and password.

B.See the Imprivata Two-Factor Authentication page at for how to setup and use Imprivata during your SRA login, if you have not already done so.

C.Click on an application icon.

D.Citrix SRA uses “.ica” files to connect you to your app. Chrome will download this file and it will appear in a bar at the bottom of the Chrome window.

E.Instead of clicking on the downloaded file name, click the arrow beside the file name, and set the option to “Always Open Files of This Type”. This will allow future app launches to skip the download step.

See the Imprivata Two-Factor Authentication page at for how to setup and use Imprivata during your SRA login.

1) Go to the Apple App Store and download “Citrix Workspace”.

2) Open the app and tap “Get Started”.


3) On this screen, tap the 3 dots in the top right corner

4) This screen appears. Tap “Manual Setup”.

5) This screen appears. Type in your CoxHealth user name in the top box and your password in the bottom box. Then, tap “Log On”.

6) The Imprivata screen appears and automatically transitions back to the log in screen with the Notification appearing to approve the access request.

7) Tap the access request notification at the top of your screen.

8) Tap Approve on the message that displays.

9) Tap to go back to Workspace in the top left of your screen.

10) The Workspace icons all display and can be accessed.

1) Go to the Google Play Store and download “Citrix Workspace”.

2) Open the app. You may be prompted with multiple permissions prompts. All can be answered Deny, and you will still be able to launch applications from your device. However, certain functions of applications that might rely on these components may not function properly. Therefore, the recommendation is to Allow on all access prompts.

3) This screen appears. Tap “Get Started”.

4) Type in where it asks for “Email address or Store URL”.


IMPORTANT: Make sure to turn on the switch next to “Add account type as Web Interface”.

Note: Some devices will automatically add a space after a period. Verify that there are no spaces after the periods, or it will NOT work.

Tap “Continue”.

5) You will be prompted to log in to the SRA page.

Type in your CoxHealth user name in the top box and your password in the bottom box. Then, tap “Log On”.

6) Confirm your identity using the Imprivata Two-Factor Authentication.

Play Store Citrix Workspace Download

7) Tap the application that you wish to launch. Scroll down to view more apps in the list if needed.

Google Play Store Citrix Workspace App

8) You will see a screen of gestures that you can use to control your applications. This can be turned off at any time by tapping the switch next to “Show at launch”.