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PhotoDirector is a neat app filled with all sort of filters and tools for enhancing your pictures and making them stand out. Read more about PhotoDirector What's new in PhotoDirector APK 11.0.0. Suiting a multimedia approach to photo editing, PhotoDirector 11 Ultra from CyberLink is a versatile application for producing a wide variety of image types. Using a layer-based workflow, complex photo composites can be created in a non-destructive manner for more control and freedom.

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  2. Photodirector 11 Ultra Download

You can adjust the sharpness in a photo in the Detail section. The sharpness is applied to edges in a photo to enhance photo detail, where possible.

To adjust the photo sharpness, do this:

1.Click on Adjustment and then on the Manual tab (if necessary).

2.In Global Adjustment Tools, go to the Detail section.

3.Use the Detail controls on a selected photo as outlined below.


You can use the Magnifier to get a better view of the applied sharpness on a particular area of the photo. To change the area that is magnified, just click in the Magnifier and then drag your mouse to change the area of focus.


If the area you want to magnify is in a completely different area of the photo, it is faster to change the area of focus in the Magnifier by clicking on . Then click on the area of the photo you want to magnify.

Adjusting Sharpness

Cyberlink photo director windows 10

To adjust the sharpness in the photo, use the available sliders as follows:

Amount: use this slider to adjust the amount of sharpness applied to the photo.

Radius: use the slider to adjust the radius or range of sharpness applied to edges in the photo.

Note: to see the radius mask, ensure that Show affected areas is selected. When enabled, dragging the slider lets you see the applied range of sharpness.

Edge mask: use the slider to apply a mask over on the detected edges in the photo. Once a mask is applied, CyberLink PhotoDirector only applies the sharpness to the masked areas, leaving the surrounded areas untouched.

Note: to see the edge mask, ensure that Show affected areas is selected. When enabled, dragging the slider lets you see the detected edges in the photo.

Noise Reduction

Applying sharpness and other adjustments may result in image noise appearing on the resulting photos. Click the button to apply auto denoise* on a selected photo. Then use the following sliders to further reduce the image noise as required:

Note: * optional feature in CyberLink PhotoDirector. Check the version table on our web site for detailed versioning information.

Luminance: use this slider to slightly adjust the color brightness, by reducing any unwanted light grey spots in a photo that cause luminance noise.

Photodirector 11 Download

Detail: use this slider to adjust/recover detail in the photo that may be lost when reducing luminance noise from a photo.

Texture: use this slider to adjust/recover texture in the photo that may be lost when reducing luminance noise from a photo.

Color: use this slider to slightly adjust the overall color saturation, by reducing any unwanted color spots in a photo that cause color noise.

Detail: use this slider to adjust/recover detail in the photo that may be lost when reducing color noise from a photo.

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Download Cyberlink PhotoDirector Full Version – The reaction when editing photos or images with this software is only excitement. It provides various tools that we can use easily. Starting from changing colors, smoothing the face, removing blur, adding sharpen and much more. The latest 64-bit photo editing software for Windows 10 has gained popularity as an alternative to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Additionally, it provides filters that can enhance your photos with just one click.

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Now, PhotoDirector 11 also supports RAW images from Canon and Nikon cameras. Also, there are image editing and optimization features that make photo retouching extremely fast. If you are a Windows 10 users, we suggested that you upgraded your pc specification to mid-end before installing this application. As we said before, it has a huge pack of tools consisted of sophisticated systems and behaviour. Therefore, to run this software with the maximum performance you also need a good computer. Content-Aware removes, move and clone are also available. Edit your photos now using this amazing program. Free download PhotoDirector 11 Ultra full version with the latest crack now.

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Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra 11 Features

  • Intuitive Workflow to smooth the editing process
  • Cutting edge tools to retouch and enhance your photos
  • Target specific areas of photos with dynamic regional adjustment tools
  • Native rendering of RAW files from Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Combining image editing and optimization with portrait retouching
  • Layer editing provides the flexibility to create unique compositions
  • Blurry images are a thing of the past with intelligent deblur
  • AI Style Engine to analyze images in detail and identify different aspects of each shot
  • Completely change the color of specific objects in a picture
  • Content-Aware Remove, Move & Clone
  • Perfect finishing touch with professionally designed frames & stickers
  • Strip away haze, fog and smog to reveal crisp

How to Install PhotoDirector Full Crack

  1. Download PhotoDirector 11 Ultra
  2. Extract with the latest Winrar 5.71
  3. Turn off the internet connection
  4. Uninstall the previous version to clean the registry
  5. Right-click the BlockHosts.bat file, Run As Administrator
  6. After OK, continue to setup.exe
  7. Install as usual
  8. Next, Block the software with a Firewall
  9. Enjoy brother!

Photodirector 11 Ultra Download

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