Photodirector 11 Ultra

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Cyberlink is famous for producing video, and photo editing programs, and 11 is the latest version of their primary photo editing program – PhotoDirector.

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  3. Photodirector 11 Ultra

PhotoDirector was first developed as an alternative to Adobe Lightroom CC. But later on, it converted into a full-fledged photo editing program.

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With the latest version of the software, Cyberlink brought in some key features that were absent in the previous variant.

For example, the software can now process RAW images efficiently, has AI Facial Recognition or Face tagging, Geotag mapping, and more.

Similarly, it boasts some unique features like video-to-photo, vibrant motion stills, and AI Styles filters.

Cyberlink photodirector review

Overall, Cyberlink PhotoDirector is an apt tool for any serious photo editing project.

And thanks to its user interface, the tool is also suitable for novice users. Which is kinda rare in high-end, advanced photo editing programs.

Now, the best part?

The one-off fee is too reasonable to say no to.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 11 Pros

#1. The one thing that stands out strong in this software is the clean user-interface that looks less daunting even for an average user.

And what makes working on the software more convenient is its mode based editing.

Mode based editing is basically used by programs to execute specific tasks easily and quickly. And PhotoDirector has six of such modes – Library, Adjustment, Guided, Edit, Create, and Print.

Photodirector 11 ultra download

You would find these modes on the upper side of the screen (just below the menu bar). And as you hop from one mode to another, the editing options in the left panel changes according to that.

For example, when you click on the ‘Edit’ mode, you can find all the editing options right in the same window.

So, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Everything is well within your reach and that also makes editing much faster.

Similarly, the ‘Create’ mode makes importing images more convenient.

Now, that said, you definitely need to have the basic knowledge of how each tool behaves in a traditional photo editing software.

Otherwise, you will have to go through the tutorials to make full use of the app.

#2. PhotoDirector is not a specialist like DxO Photolab, but rather a full-fledged image editing solution that can be used to do both – process and edit images.

Just like most of the high-end image editing programs, PhotoDirector uses layer editing. And feature-wise, it’s as good as any other professional photo editing software.

In fact, they have resolved their shortcomings and also introduced RAW image processing and Geotagging in the latest version.

Besides this, the software can efficiently perform basic level editing like cropping, trimming, adding filters, and playing with the color contrast of an image.

Similarly, when it comes to applying advanced editing effects, you can find several unique and handy editing features within the software.

Some notable mentions are AI-Deblur tool, face tagging, video-to-photo, AI Styles, and the dehazing tool.

But that’s just a mini list of features.

Let’s get a little deeper and find how much power it boasts under its hood.

During the test, I started with the AI-Deblur tool and was quite surprised by the results.

The Deblur tool can fix all your blurry and shaky images in a snap. It’s super-handy for pictures that you take from moving vehicles or when you shoot a moving object.

Similarly, the dehazing feature works much like the Clearview tool of DxO Photolab.

Though it’s not as advanced as the latter, it can efficiently strike out any sort of haziness from your photos, making them look bright and beautiful.

In addition to this, PhotoDirector also allows you to remove or duplicate specific objects from your photos.

Or, if you want, you can also change the color of the objects or blend the background to give a new look to your pictures.

What’s more?

The video-to-photo function, which is my favorite, is a unique tool that you would RARELY find in other programs.

Using this amazing feature, you can capture any moment from a video and save it as an image. And this is not it.

PhotoDirector goes a step ahead.

It also allows you to extract multiple images from a clip and turn them into multi-exposure shots with just a single click.

Besides this, I also loved the AI Styles templates that, when applied, makes your pictures look like paintings.

These templates could be quite handy when you’re trying to add some fun to your projects.

Now, for those who often find it challenging to organize a large collection of pictures can make use of the AI Face recognition or Face Tagging function to make their lives easier.

Basically, the tool asks you to tag a face in one photo, and from there on, it detects and tags all the other images automatically.

And at last, a few more notable mentions are the vibrant motion stills, lens correction, and 360° image editing that enable you to work even on the most complex projects.

However, these functions are a bit tricky and will suit only advanced-level photographers.

#3. After editing, the final part of the image editing process is exporting that image.

And you would be happy to know that PhotoDirector allows you to export multiple files at a time.

You can download the images straight to your computer or share them online on Facebook and Flickr directly from the software.

Sure, the exporting options are fewer than an average photo editing program. But as we usually hear…

…something is better than nothing.

#4. Cyberlink PhotoDirector comes with cross-platform support and runs fine on both – Windows as well as Mac computers.

However, the company doesn’t reveal how many activations you get with a single license.

#5. Cyberlink is one of those rare companies that offer cloud storage to the users.

And just like its video editing software, you get anywhere from 25GB to 100GB of cloud space as per the plan you choose.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Cons

#1. The only drawback of Cyberlink PhotoDirector is the absence of mobile apps. The software is designed only for desktops.

So, if you often use your smartphone or tablet to edit photos, then you might want to prefer other apps.

Otherwise, the software is a complete package for all types of users, be it novice, semi-pro, or professional.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector pricing plans and payment options

Cyberlink has four different pricing plans for PhotoDirector.

You can either buy the lifetime license, which is quite low in cost or go with the subscription model to avail more cloud space and facilities.

Under the lifetime license, you can buy PhotoDirector 11 Ultra for just $99.99. There’s also a combo pack of PhotoDirector 18 Ultra with PhotoDirector 11 Ultra that sets you back $139.99.

Once again, a fantastic deal considering the price of other image editing programs of the same caliber.

On the other hand, under the subscription model, Cyberlink sells their bundle packs – PhotoDirector 365 and Director Suite 365.

Both of the bundles are packed with different features and avail more cloud space than lifetime licenses.

The price is also reasonable at $4.58/month for PhotoDirector 365 and $8.67/month for the Director Suite 365 (billed annually).

That said, if you’re not sure, then I would recommend taking their 30-day free trial.

And once you’ve made your decision to buy the product, you can use your credit/debit card or PayPal to pay for it.

Do I recommend Cyberlink PhotoDirector 11?

Yes, I do recommend Cyberlink PhotoDirector 11.

It’s one of the few tools that is suitable for all users regardless of their level of expertise.

The program comes with several different cutting-edge features like AI Deblur tool, lens correction, face tagging, video-to-photo, and more. And all these cool attributes wrapped in an intuitive interface that makes it almost impossible to turn it down.

The rest of the part is taken care of by its low, one-off pricing.

In short, there is hardly any reason to say no to Cyberlink PhotoDirector unless you want a photo editing software for your smartphone.

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Photodirector 11 Ultra

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