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Our transmissions range from our level 1 transmission that holds up to 300 HP to our level 5 transmission that holds up to 900 HP. We don’t stop there though, we can build up to 1500 HP just let us know what you’re looking for and we can build it. We do everything from your daily driver to you high performance racing transmissions.

High Performance 4x4 Transmission

“Absolutely the best! I have used several other mechanics in Gainesville and Performance blows them all out of the water.” — Katie M
“It’s not easy for a service center to gain my trust. But, for the past two decades, Performance Transmission has been doing exactly that.” — Harold A
“I have been going to Performance Transmission for the past four years. They are honestly the best auto repair shop I have ever been too.” — Elise M
“What amazing top notch service. Best of all, they are not pushy about sales. You have car issues? Hit these guys up.” — Anthony A
“By keeping my older vehicles running longer, Performance has saved me thousands of dollars on newer ones.” — Howard H
“The dealer diagnosed a ‘problem’ Performance discovered didn’t exist. The dealer lied to me. I highly recommend Performance Transmission.” — John D

Circle D offers performance transmission rebuilds and upgrades in Houston, TX including 6L80, 6L80E, 6L90 & 6R80. Serving the Houston area since 1976. SHOP ONLINE NOW FOR LOTS OF RANCHO PRODUCTS Dedicated to superior service for VW transaxles, Porsche transaxles and high-performance aftermarket transaxles including Mendeola, Albins, Weddle and PBS. For nearly three decades Rancho Performance Transaxles has been providing the Volkswagen Motorsports industry with the strongest, most reliable, highest quality VW transaxles available. Performance & Quality. Monster Transmission & Performance is the premier supplier of all automotive transmission types. From youth soccer moms to speed-demon dads, our focus is on providing quality transmissions and quality experience at an awesome value. We are the Leading Source for Transmissions that Shift Better and Last Longer! MAD DOG TRANSMISSIONS 1025 Union Center Dr Suite E Alpharetta, GA 30004 Monday- Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (770) 781-0949.

At Performance Transmission & A/C Automotive Repair, our mission is to provide outstanding customer service that will exceed your expectations! Chances are you’ve come to us because you are having car trouble and are most likely not having the best of days. Let us help get you back on the road!

Our Gainesville auto repair facility offers complete auto repair and maintenance, specializing in transmission and air conditioning repairs. We are constantly updating our equipment to stay at the leading edge of the automotive industry.

Our staff has a combined total of over 100 years in the automotive service industry. As part of our commitment to technical excellence for auto repair services, we require our staff to undergo frequent training to further their automotive knowledge. With a modern automotive repair facility, advanced equipment and a staff full of know how we can handle all your car repairs.

Our customers are the most important aspect of our business. Let’s be honest, without you we would have no cars or trucks to repair. We want to earn your business by being honest and up-front when it comes time to repair your vehicle.

At the time of estimating your repair costs, we will take the time to explain everything involved in the repair process and answer all of your questions. We believe, whether it is done face to face or over the phone, nothing is more important than taking the time to make sure our customers understand what is being done to repair their vehicle.

By approaching every customer as a friend or neighbor, clearly communicating the details of your auto repairs and costs, as well as delivering outstanding repair work, we know you will be satisfied with your car repair experience.

Come by and see our Gainesville facility and staff and let Performance Transmission & A/C Automotive Repair help you and your family get back on the road worry free!

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Diesel Performance Transmission Shop Near Me

Welcome to Art Carr's CP Transmission

For decades the name Art Carr has been synonymous with High Performance Automatic Transmissions.

My new company California Performance Transmission, as you may have seen on Overhaulin, is producing the latest designs and inovations in Torque Converters, Valve Bodies and Art Carr's 200-4R Automatic Transmission
All CPT transmission’s are dyno (dynamometer) tested to ensure accurate shifting and proper transmission pressures. And All CPT Torque converters are built by us in our state of the art machine shop, utilizing top of the line equipment. All of our torque converters are balanced to within 5 grams.

You can call me in person (800-278-2277) here at our Huntington Beach California facility or fill out our contact form and I will help you with your transmission solutions!

Don't be Fooled!

Looking for Transmission Performance Tips and Technical info ?

The TV cable on the 700R4 and 200-4R transmissions controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part throttle downshifts, and detent (full throttle) downshifts. So if the TV cable is not adjusted properly, it can cause numerous transmission problems. For more Technical Information click here

Performance Automatic Transmission Shop Near Me

Speedo Correction Adaptor
Speedometer not giving the correct speed? Don't drop the pan or struggle with locating increasingly scarce internal speedometer gears.
California Performance Transmission has the answer. Simply screw our inline adapter into the transmissions speedo drive and your speedometer cable to the back of the adapter.
Here's how it works; Use a GPS device or your cell phone, when it registers at 50 MPH read the speed indicated by your car's speedometer and send it to us. We'll calculate the correction ratio, gear the adapter correctly and send it your way.
Ask for PN 97020