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1. Security & Encryption

  1. Norton Password Manager Vs Bitwarden
  2. Free Password Manager Bitwarden
  3. Bitwarden App

A good password manager stores your data securely by using strong encryption to protect your data while it’s on your computer, on the password manager’s server and moving between the two. Deciphering this encryption is almost impossible when password managers use industry-standard encryption like Advanced Encryption Standard. We also checked for up-to-date security methods, two-factor authentication and whether the password manager ever had a third-party security audit.

Bitwarden is one of the most highly secure password managers on the market and has been through third-party security audits by the Cure53 firm. Employing a “zero-knowledge” model that ensures only you have access to your password, it uses the AES-256 and SHA-256 ciphers in combination to provide extensive encryption through password hashing.

2. App Compatibility

  1. Bitwarden is one of the very few password managers that is open-source and has been designed for complete transparency to enable it to be peer-reviewed to quickly detect and fix any security flaws.
  2. But the free version of Bitwarden offers the core features you need in a password manager, including the ability to sync as many passwords as you want between as many devices as you own, support.
  3. Bitwarden makes your passwords available for auto-fill so that you can seamlessly log in to websites and apps while also maintaining strong and secure passwords. Auto-fill cuts the copying and pasting out of your login routine by detecting Vault items that match the service you’re logging in to.
  4. Bitwarden is an extremely strong contender in the password management market, with features in its free version that rival some of what other software provides at paid commercial tiers.

Password managers aren’t very useful if you can’t use them everywhere, so we compared the types of hardware and software Bitwarden and KeePass were compatible with. We looked at three types of compatibility, which included compatibility with operating systems on desktops and laptops, browsers and iOS and Android for mobile devices.

3. Usability & Ease of Use

We compared Bitwarden and KeePass on ease of set up and use because a good password manager should be simple to download, set up and create a list of your passwords. The interface should also be easy to operate, so you can generate new, stronger passwords and autofill usernames and passwords on logins. We also checked how well they worked with biometric logins for users who have face or fingerprint scanning on their phone, laptop or tablet.

4. Password Sharing

While password sharing is a common feature for paid password managers, it’s not always offered in free ones. We researched secure sharing capabilities and how many people could share at a time. This feature is especially important for families who want to share online accounts or bill pay sites or companies who need to share email, social media accounts or other account logins.

5. Price

Password Manager Bitwarden

The cost for password managers run the gamut from free to $90 annually or more, depending on how many people are sharing the application. Most password managers advertise a monthly subscription price, but fees are usually billed annually. Any paid password manager should offer unlimited password storage, but free applications often do as well, so we researched storage capacities along with cost.

In my Last Blogpost, I have explained how easy it is to get your password by Keylogger, and Phishing and protecting your credentials is a must in this modern era. In this Blog Post, I will explain what a Password Manager (Eg. Bitwarden) and how it protects Beginners from simple attack.

Why is Password Manager Important?

In This Modern Era we rely on Digital Information Eg. Social Media, Email, and Internet Banking This is few days day accessed sites which hold our personal, Social, and private information and to authorize that we access those Sites/Application by using Our credentials (Username / Password) but Cyber Criminals now days have various techniques to get our credentials.


Phishing: To know more about phishing you can refer to the following site which has a more detailed research topic.

Data Breach: When you use the same password on multiple sites and one of a website had a data breach which gives your credentials details to the attacker example one of the Website has your Email and password for login and the same password is used for your email so now the attacker has you mail access also because of the same password.

Brute Force: Brute force can also refer to Password guessing in simple words example if you use your Pet name and your birthday for a password using brute force tools Attacker can guess a simple password or Information available on Social media site to guess your password.

What is a Password Manager?

In simple words, it stores our credentials and when we visit those sites the password manager will automatically fill in credentials on those sites which prevents Phishing sites as phishing sites won’t have the same domain and keylogger as we don’t type it manually.

A good explanation can be referred to as

It also helps to generate unique passwords for each website you register or log in which prevents your other sites in case of a data breach.

Password Manager not only generates Unique passwords but also Complex which are not easy to Guess.

So now you know what a password manager is and how we can use it in our day to day life.

My favorite password manager is “Bitwarden” and “Keepass”.

Bitwarden Password Manager

In this Blogpost, I will show the Bitwarden Password Manager in action for beginners.

Bitwarden is an Open Source password manager it has rich features, highly secure, and easy to use capability also for corporate functions to have in-house data management which stores all Teams and user’s credentials company own premises.


Register Bitwarden.

For personal use, it’s free to start and in the future, as per your needs, you can opt-in for Premium plans. I am using the Free version of science 2017 without any limitation for my Personal use.

Visit the bitwarden website “” Click on Getting started or create a free account.

Then enter your credentials

Note: All you Just need to remember the Master Password Do not Forget

Login Bitwarden Website

Visit “” use your credentials login.

Norton Password Manager Vs Bitwarden

You can now view Your Dashboard which allows you to store Your Identity (Autofill forms), Cards, and Credentials.

Two-Step Authentication

Using Only username and password for Login and Authorization is not enough having two-step verification adds an extra authentication step to protect the account and for bitwarden which is going to store all other credentials, it’s highly recommended to enable Two-step Authentication.

To Get More Information about Two-Step Login Check on Following Link

To enable in Bitwarden go to Settings and Select Two-Step Login.

To make it simple to understand The beginner step Click on Manage in Email, to use an Email address as two step verification.

Click on Verification it will send a verification email

You will get an Email with a One-time password enter the password.

The two-step password is enabled.

IMP Note: Click on View Recovery Code and Copy Those code or Print and Keep it in a secure place in case you lost your mail access the following code can be used as Two Steps Code.

Access Password Manager

Now to access Bitwarden on day to day basis just install App for your Browsers.




And for Mobile device Open App Store and Search “Bitwarden”

After the installation of the extension, you can see the Bitwarden logo click on it, and Proceed with Login.

Enter email ID and Master Password click on the login

Click Yes as it will give you windows to enter Your One-time password which is sent to your mail ID.

Wait for mail, enter OTP (One Time password) and Tick Remember me if it’s your personal computer which allows you to get access quickly to your bitwarden Vault.

Tip: for easy access Password manager you can enable pin base login by going to settings and Selecting the Lock option in the timeout section.

Set Your Numeric Pin and untick Lock with master password on browser restart.

Saving Credentials in Bitwarden


Free Password Manager Bitwarden

It’s very simple, all you just need to visit the website where you want to log in and enter credentials once the bitwarden will prompt you to the same credentials just click Yes Save Now.

Now whenever you visit that website login page you can see bitwarden will show the login is shaved by number open and just click on it it will autofill details for you.

Generate Secure Password

To Generate a secure password open the bitwarden App Click on Generator and just copy and paste at a time of new registration.


Now you don’t need to think and remember any more account Passwords for login Bitwarden Password manager will manage all for you.

Some people will be paranoid to save their credentials on Bitwarden servers. Remember it’s encrypted before saving on Bitwarden Servers which cannot be accessed if the Master password is lost so kindly note down Master password somewhere safe not in the same computer or on any cloud Some times Old Pen and Paper will be handy to save one Password.

And people who don’t want their data to be saved on Cloud They Can use KeePass Password Manager which allows you to create a Local Database of your credentials.

You can see comparisons of Bitwarden and KeePass in the following Link.

Bitwarden App

In the Future, I will post Configuration and know how to use KeePass or you want to know more about all the best passwords manager in-depth details reviews please see the following link.

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