Passcode Citrix Workspace

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We recommend using the desktop application Citrix Workspace to access engineering software remotely.

Please use your engineering X: Drive to save all work

  1. Apr 07, 2020 Citrix Workspace will prompt you to authenticate with your username, password, and a passcode. Next you will need to complete a two factor authentication through Duo to get the passcode. Duo Passcode options (registered devices): Type push to get a Duo Mobile app prompt (most Common) Type sms to receive text passcodes; Type phone to receive a call.
  2. Nov 11, 2013 I check the option for 'Allow password change' and am now prompted to enter the new password. However after entering the new password the login screen will not accept it. I then went back to the web interface and found that they old password was still the password in effect because the web interface still forced me to change the password with.

Reset your Citrix Account.

  1. Download and Install the Citrix Workspace that is compatible with you Operating System (Mac or Windows)
  2. When Prompted to ‘Add Account’, add NOTE, From off campus, you will need to be connected to the BU VPN)
  3. Enter your BU credentials as: adusername and your Kerberos password
  4. Go to Apps then All Apps to view all available engineering software.

Citrix Workspace Passcode

If the Citrix Workspace install fails, user can launch Citrix Applications via the web. This method is known to be slower than the Workspace tool.

  1. In any web browser, browse to
  2. If Citrix Workspace is not detected following the steps below. If Citrix Workspace is detected, skip to step 3.
  • Select: Switch to user name and password (Listed Below LOG ON)

3. Log on using your BU Username and Password

4. Select which application to launch. This will launch in Citrix Receiver.

  • Once logged into the lab machine using your BUusername and Kerberos Password locate Citrix Workspace n the ‘Start Menu’:

Passcode Citrix Workspace Login

Passcode citrix workspace client

Citrix Change Password

  • Log on using your BU Username and Password

Passcode Citrix Workspace Free

  1. Open Citrix Workspace and click on your name in the top right of the screen. Select Accounts from the drop down menu
  2. Select the old Server/Account and click Remove
  3. Click Add to add a new server
  4. Follow the instructions from Step 2 of Citrix Workspace to add the correct server