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  1. Pandoc Latex To Word Equation Numbers

A big problem with writing in LaTeX is collaborating with colleagues who don’t use it. One option is to generate a Word .docx version and use the comments and track changes features in Word / LibreOffice. This does require manually copying the changes back to LaTeX so isn’t quite as nice as using latexdiff (see earlier post) but is slightly easier than adding comments to a PDF.

The best program I’ve found for converting LaTeX to Word is the open source (GPL) command line tool, pandoc (

If you use Pandoc in combination with textutil you have can have a decent Word-to-LaTeX and LaTeX-to-Word roundtrip. For docx support you need the latest version of Pandoc (1.9+). Word2latex $ textutil -convert html worddoc.docx -stdout pandoc -s -f html -t latex -o latexdoc.tex. Convert your Microsoft Word / Google docs files to LaTeX seamlessly. Get started for free. It is more than a simple pandoc in.html -s -o out.tex, it translates also mathematical formulations, bold, italics and other tricky stuff. And furthermore the team also is very careful to user problems.


Basic usage is quite straightforward:

The conversion isn’t perfect, figures and tables can get a bit mangled, but it does a good job with the text.

Pandoc word to pdf

Pandoc Latex To Word Equation Numbers

Pandoc can convert between many different formats, including from markdown and reStructuredText (commonly used for software documentation) so it is worth having installed.