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Mitsubishi Lancer P0845 Code Meaning: When you check Mitsubishi Lancer car engine light came on code P0845 the reason should be. However manufacturer may have a different definition for the P0845 OBD-II Diagnostic Powertrain (P) Trouble Code. So you should chech it on our car models. Had the van scanned at Advanced Auto, and came out with P0700 and P0845. It seems that the P0700 is probably a by-product of the P0845 code, as I see that it tends to show up whenever there is another code present. After some research I see that the P0845 code pertains to a problem in the Pressure switch 'B', which is the 2/4 pressure switch. P0845 Engine Fault Code Check Solution For P0845 OBD Code: P0845 engine code seems a kind of powertrain problem, we try to show one by one the meaning and the solution. Brief explanation of the P0845 code and definition of P0845 is the bottom side.

I've Acura RSX 2002 Automatic SportShift...and my Drive 'D' light was blinking while i was driving ....the blinking stopped but now the light turns on and goes off when i turn the key to II position. it never happened before...and i already changed the ATF....
I used OBD II scanner to check the problem....and the scanner came with the following code:
P0845....Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch 'B' Circuit
What might be wrong with my car.....any major damage to my transmission?...can i still drive it.??? though i've been driving it like that for couple of dayz....

P0845 Po840 Nissan Murano 2007

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Many older model Hondas have an issue with a Blinking D (drive) Light. No check engine light comes on, but the blinking D is concerning, and the car struggles to shift at the proper times. For under $30 you can fix this problem with a few tools and a little know how.


First watch the video:

Here are the links for the parts needed to fix this problem:

Used on each of the following vehicles:
2002-2004 Honda CRV’s
2003-2007 Honda Accord V6
2005-2008 Honda Pilot
2006-2008 Honda Ridgeline
2005-2007 Honda Hybrid
2004-2006 Acura TL
2003-2006 Acura MX
2005-2008 Acura RL
2007-2009 Acura MDX
2007-2009 Acura RDX


Please verify part with manufacturer before purchase

P0845 Dodge


Used on each of the following vehicles:
2005-2011 Honda CR-V
2007-2008 Honda Element
2006 Acura RSX
2004-2008 Acura TSX

Please verify part with manufacturer before purchase


P0845 Nissan Sentra 2007

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