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Ok so after doing some research I have found that PO700 is a general transmission malfunction resulting in the subcode PO740 which is something to do with the TCC or torque converter clutch failure. Basically it puts my jeep into limp mode. Loss of power, and uneasy shifting at low gears. Eventually leading to my transmission overheating and failing all together. I have found the possible solutions to be checking the wiring under my dash for the TCC selenoid, replacing the TCC selenoid, replacing the torque converter and front pump, and worst case scenario rebuilding the transmission. P0700
  1. This video explains how to permanently fix the P0700 Transmission Malfunction error code. We explain what causes the problem, symptoms and then top 5 fixes.
  2. The P0700 code indicates that there’s a malfunction with your vehicle’s Transmission Control Module (TCM). This computer monitors your transmission and works with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and Engine Control Module (ECM) to shift gears when necessary. It’s an integral part of any modern automatic transmission.
  3. P0700 is a transmission overall problem -tcm transmission control module problem u need to have the truck hook up to a diagnostic reader for the transmission -first check the fluid make sure full and not burntmay need to change fluid and filter other than that their are to many problems that can cause the code.

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The P0700 code is informational. The code points to a general fault, not a direct fault. To correctly identify the problem, you will need to have a scan tool that communicates with the TCM to determine the problem in the transmission. When the P0700 code is present.

Sorry for making a new thread, figured it would be more organized this way. Basically this problem happens with alot of cars and trucks alike. Has anyone ever experienced this? Have any advice for me to save me money? I really thought that when i bought my TJ it would be reliable. First the engine timing got screwed up, ran through 2 alternators, 2 starters, and 3 catalytic coverters. Now this shit all at 60,000 miles.

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Im also going to attempt to call Jeep corporation and find out if my 2005 TJ has a 70k/7 year powertrain warranty that may cover this repair. If they deny me service due to my lift and tires I may just convert back to stock.