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Home DodgeP0218 Dodge DTC P0218 Make: Dodge Code: P0218 Definition: High Temperature Operation Activated Description: If the transmission oil temperature rises above 115° C (240° F), the overheat shift schedule is activated. The DTC is an informational code only and is set to aid the technician in determining a customer driveability issue. The Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor tells the engine control module (PCM) the temperature of the transmission fluid. When the fluid gets too hot, the PCM will set code P0218.The PCM may also put the vehicle into 'limp home mode', limiting the power of the engine, to protect the transmission from additional damage. P0218 This two-tone glitter Ballgown is so elegant! Option back panel for corset back. OBD-ii Code P0218 definition: If you have a P0218 code stored, then you have a transmission fluid temperature sender and likely have a transmission over-temp light in the instrument cluster If your transmission/transaxle fluid temperature is greater than 290 deg. F then P0218 will set and the overtemp light will illuminate.

What does this mean?


OBD2 Code P0218 Jeep definition:
If you have a P0218 Jeep code stored, then you have a transmission fluid temperature sender and likely have a transmission over-temp light in the instrument cluster If your transmission/transaxle fluid temperature is greater than 290 deg. F then P0218 Jeep will set and the overtemp light will illuminate. The number one cause of transmission failure is overheated fluid.

P0218 Code Jeep Cherokee


When an OBD-II vehicle has a code P0218 stored in the computer, it means that the transmission fluid temperature that is being measured by a sensor and read by the powertrain control module (PCM) has exceeded the temperature limit- normally about 290 degrees for a calculated period of time. Fluid Heated and Cooled.

P0218 dodge caliber

Possible sumptoms of OBD code P0218 Jeep
Symptoms of a P0218 Jeep DTC may include: Vehicle transmission/transaxle won’t engage Leaking fluid out of torque converter seal or other location Low fluid in transmission/transaxle


Possible causes of OBD code P0218 Jeep
Potential causes of a P0218 Jeep code include: Overheating due to towing overloaded trailer Transmission cooler or lines restricted Restriction/debris in transmission cooler Low transmission fluid Inoperative cooling fan/fan clutch Missing or damaged front air dam/spoiler Bad transmission fluid temperature sensor

Possible Solutions

If you’re towing a heavy load make sure the vehicle is rated for that load. If the load is too heavy, the transmission cooler may not be able to keep the transmission fluid temperature down. An overheated transmission/transaxle won’t last long. Next, make sure that the cooler isn’t restricted by any debris and that the lines aren’t pinched or leaking. If the transmission cooler is equipped with a cooling fan, make sure it’s operating properly. If the transmission fluid smells burnt or is dark in color, perform a transmission fluid flush. If the transmission fluid level is low, top it off and check for leaks. Note: An overheated transmission can expel fluid out of the vent or out of the torque converter seal.


The OBD2 Code Information Be Applicable For Jeep:

06 Jeep P0218


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P0218 Transmission Over Temperature Condition

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P0218 Code

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