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Installation pip install open-api-schemas-to-markdown Usage. The package provides a command line tool. $ oa-to-md -h usage: oa-to-md -h inputfilepath outputfilepath locale positional arguments: inputfilepath The OpenAPI 3 YAML filepath outputfilepath The desired output filepath of the Markdown file locale Locale to use when generating the Markdown file. Markdown extension for PlantUML and Nikola. Renders PlantUML files from Nikola. JSDoc plugin to use PlantUML inside javascript documentation. Simple tool to turn a swagger api spec into a uml class diagram. Convert OpenAPI specifications to PlantUML diagrams. Generate UML Diagrams for Given Swagger Definition. Use it with LyX. Parsing OpenAPI to Markdown. Once widdershins is installed, run the following command in the console prompt. Replace openapi.yaml with the path to your OpenAPI definition in YAML or JSON. Widdershins openapi.yaml -o The command stores the resulting MarkDown file as Customizing the output with flags.

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The goal of this package is to generate Github Flavored Markdown documentation of Components Schemas from the OpenAPI 3 specification.

Say you've got a YAML file:

The package will produce a Markdown file from the YAML specification file with the following content:

Open api description markdown tool

And if you render it:


Openapi Description Markdown Key

operation_idinteger($int64)Le numéro unique de l'opération1119920371
categorie_personnestringIndique la catégorie de personne impliquée dans le bilan humainPêcheur français
resultat_humainstringDescription du bilan humainPersonne secourue
nombrenumber($int32)Nombre de personnes impliquées dans ce bilan3minimum: 0
dont_nombre_blessenumber($int32)Indique le nombre de personnes blessées dans le bilan1minimum: 0



Open Api Description Markdown Example

The package provides a command line tool.




This software is available under the MIT license and was developed as part of the Entrepreneur d'Intérêt Général program by the French government.

Projet développé dans le cadre du programme « Entrepreneur d’intérêt général ».