Notion Import Markdown

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How to Import from Notion
If you already have your content ready in Notion, you can easily import it into your SpreadSimple page. It takes a few simple steps.

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Notion Import Markdown

Here is what you need to do:
In your Dashboard, choose the website you want to import your content from Notion to, and go to the Pages & links Tab.
Click Add new page or select the existing one which you want to import your content onto, and click Edit.
Go to your Notion page containing the content you want to import. Click the menu icon and choose Export.
Markdown exampleMake sure that the export format is Markdown & CSV, click Export and save the zip file.
Go back to the Page Editor in your SpreadSimple Dashboard and click Notion Import
Upload your exported file archive.
Ta-da! You have successfully imported your content!

Markdown Example

Just don't forget to save the changes!

Published on: 23 / 12 / 2020

How To Add Books From Web Clipper

Step 1: Save readable web-page with Webclipper into desired database

Notion Import Markdown With Images

Make sure the webpage only contains the text of the digital book.

Step 2: Toggle Chapters (trigger: /toggle)

The digital book should automatically appear inside the page if the webpage allows. If it does not appear after a few minutes, try navigating outside the page and back in. If text still does not appear, follow directions below.

How To Add Large Digital Books With Import

Compatibility: txt files, epubs, markdown, etc.
*Note: large digital books like textbooks will not transfer with webclipper. An error message will appear if this is the case. Use import instead as follows:

Step 1: Navigate To Import

Onenote Import Markdown

Step 3: Create Table Of Contents (trigger: /toc)

Notion Export Markdown

Proceed to drag table of contents into a toggle for a more compact view.