Not Getting Text Messages On Ipad

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  • However, it is also a setting that can easily be turned back on if someone knows where to look. If you are concerned about this, then the best solution is to use a different email address to create a new Apple ID, then set up the iPad with that instead. But if you just want to stop receiving text messages on your iPad, follow the steps below.
  • Jul 27, 2020 Although you have the same iCloud account for iPhone and iPad, you aren’t able to see the text messages both on the iPhone and iPad. This is because iPad and Mac have free iMessage service but that is only confined to Apple devices. So, how to get text messages on both iPhone and iPad type questions may arise inside you naturally.
  1. Iphone Not Getting Text Messages
  2. Not Getting Text Messages On Ipad

Just today (first time ever) I started receiving text messages from my contacts on my iPad instead of my android cell phone. I DO NOT use my iPad for anything except work. I certainly do not iMessage from it, never have.

There are many reasons for iPad text messages lost like you delete the messages intentionally or unintentionally, text messages are lost after updating to the latest iOS, your iPad got broken, crashed or damaged and you can’t see the text messages. No matter for which reason you lost text messages on the iPad, you can check out the details below for how to recover deleted/lost text messages as well as message attachments from the iPad.

Prep work: please note that the deleted text messages on the iPad do not disappear right after the deletion. They’re somewhere on your iPad and wait to be replaced by new useful data since they’re marked as useless. In this case, to ensure the success of SMS recovery on the iPad, please stop using your iPad until you can follow the mentioned way below to recover deleted messages on iPad.

Not Getting Text Messages On Ipad

Part 1. Scan iPad for Deleted/Lost Text Messages Directly

If you want to recover deleted text messages on iPad quickly, the very first option is to scan the iPad for the deleted text message. Since I have mentioned the deleted text messages are not visible on the iPad, and no 'Restore' option like in Recently Delete Album, you need a tool for help. Here I’d like to recommend you the best iOS data recovery software - iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery. Though named as iPhone Data Recovery, it works for all kinds of iPads, iPods touch, and iPhones. Here are some of its main features as for recovering text messages on iPad:

Your Effective & Message Recovery iPad Tool

  • Support data recovery, including text messages recovery, photo recovery, contacts recovery and more.
  • 3 recovery modes ensure better text message recovery result: recover from iPad, recover from iCloud Backup and Recover from iTunes Backup.
  • Recover SMS lost due to virus, system crash, iOS update, purposely or unintentional deletion, etc.
  • Fully compatible with all iOS devices, can restore deleted text messages on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Here in the following are the simple steps for how to find deleted text messages on iPad by scanning iPad directly. It is the direct and most efficient way to recover data from the iPad.

Step 1. Install iPad text messages recovery software

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the latest version of the software. Please note that the app has two different versions for Windows PC and Mac. It works only on computers to recover iPad text messages. Any software claimed to be able to recover data on the iPad and works on the iPad must be misleading. You choose the software according to your computer operating system. Install it first.

Step 2. Connect iPad with computer

Use a USB cable to connecting your computer with your iPad, making sure your iPad id detected by your computer. If not, please tap the option 'trust this computer' on your iPad. Launch the iPad text message recovery software and click 'Recover from iOS'. Click 'Scan', letting the software scan your iPad for the text messages.

Step 3. Recover deleted text messages on iPad

It takes a few minutes for the software to scan your whole iPad for the deleted text messages. After the scan, you can see the text messages are sorted into ‘Text Messages’ in the left panel. You can select the file category in the left panel and preview the details on the right side. When find the deleted text messages from the iPad, select them and click 'Recover' to save them on your computer.

Part 2. Extract iPad Text Messages from iCloud Backup File

Not Getting Text Messages On Ipad

It’s a great thing if you have the habit of backing up your iPad to iCloud, because the backup file contains all the files on your iPad, preventing any data loss in case of incidents. You can make full use of the iOS data recovery software to recover the deleted iPad message by extracting from iCloud backup.

Step 1. Install the iPad SMS message recovery software

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the iOS data recovery software. Install it either on your Windows PC or Mac. After then, launch it and click 'Recover from iCloud' to download text messages from iPhone, iPad, etc.

Step 2. Log in iCloud

In the next window, please enter the iCloud account information, authorize the software to look and download iCloud backup files. In the iCloud backup file list, please select the one which contains the text messages you’ve deleted from the iPad and click 'Scan'.

Step 3. Recover the iPad deleted text message

In the result window, you can see the files extracted from the selected iCloud backup file. Filter the text messages by selecting the file type in the left panel and preview the details on the right side. When finding the deleted iPad text message, select it and click 'Recover' to save it on your computer.

Part 3. Find Deleted Text Messages on iPad from iTunes Backup File

The steps for 'Recover from iTunes' are similar to the 'Recover from iCloud'. If you have backed up your iPad to iTunes, you can try this way as well.

Step 1. Please download and install the iPad data recovery software on the computer where you used to back up your iPad. Only by this, the software will detect the iTunes backup files on the computer, listing them and making them available for you to select.

Step 2. From the iTunes backup list, you’re supposed to select the one which contains the text messages you had deleted from the iPad. Select it and click 'Scan' to recover text messages on iPad.


Step 3. In the result window, select the file type first and then select the text message to preview. Select the needed files and click 'Recover' to save from the iTunes backup to your iPad

Part 4. Restore Deleted Text Messages from iPad with Backup Files

Actually, the former 3 ways are strongly recommended because they have no effect on your iPad for current usage and there is no risk for losing current data. As for the 4th way, actually is the Apple officially way to recover deleted text messages from iPad, naming restoring iPad with iTunes or iCloud backup, which will result in current existing data being overwritten with old data. Anyway, it’s your choice to try it.

Retrieve deleted text messages from iPad by restoring from iTunes backup:

1. Connect the iPad with the computer where you have backed iPad to iTunes.

2. Launch iTunes and make sure your iPad appears in the window.

3. From the iTunes Summary window, please select 'Restore', following the built-in guide to restoring the iPad with the old iTunes backup file.

Retrieve delete text messages from iPad by restoring from iCloud backup:

Iphone Not Getting Text Messages

1. Tap the Settings button on iPad, go to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Confirm the operation. When it finished, you can see a new pop-up.

Not Getting Text Messages On Ipad

Not Getting Text Messages On Ipad

2. When the set-up your device option appears, you can see the option ‘Restore from iCloud Backup > sign in iCloud account > select iCloud backup file to restore.