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  • Keepass you can’t share passwords with others in Nextcloud. There are pros and cons to the ones listed. That’s why it would be nice to use somthing like Bitwarden and just create a integrate into nextcloud for it.
  • Msgbox 'Bitwarden is a password manager that is separate from Nextcloud, though we provide this service because it's self hosted and secure. To be able to use Bitwarden, you need a separate subdomain. Please create a DNS record and point it to this server, e.g:
  • Incoming mail from dmz networks like the one where bitwarden sits with nextcloud: dmz - proxmox-cluster:26 - internal mailserver:25 (port 26 is being seen as 'trusted' source by proxmox and thus bypasses all filter mechanisms) outgoing mail from local systems (if the system does not have a user account on the mailserver) to the interwebs.

Which is the best alternative to bitwardenrs? Based on common mentions it is: Pass-import, Keepassxc, Bitwarden/Server, Bitwarden/Desktop or Nextcloud/Docker. TL;DL This Wiki contains the info to setup a frontend Caddy reverse proxy service with a Let’s Encrypt authorized TLS certificate and a backend host running a Caddy reverse proxy / webserver which serves Nextcloud with Collabora integrated and Bitwardenrs. The frontend Caddy will also issue TLS certificates for the backend LAN connections and renew them periodically. With this setup the.

Nextcloud Vm Bitwarden

Hey folks,

Nextcloud Keepass

I (absolute self-hosting-rookie) was trying to install a nextcloud server next to my bitwarden server on the same debian 9.0 machine.

my bitwarden service is up and running perfectly fine.

did install nextcloud via snap. worked.

tried to configure apache2. figured out there is nothing to install because apache is not yet installed.

so i tried to install apache2, but leaving me with the following error:

i think it is due to docker already listening on port 80 (for bitwarden server).

now i am not sure how to make it work…

any suggestions?

kind regards!

edit - 30.10.2018, 23:23 :

Nextcloud bitwardenNextcloud vs bitwarden

I am currently trying it with alternate ports, as specified in this thread:

so I changed ports in


Nextcloud Passwords App

from 80 to 8001 and from 443 to 44301

furthermore, following the configuration in this guide:

but now I will probably have the problem of let’s encrypt not verifying ownership…

any further ideas? i never set up a proxy in my life…

edit - 02.11.2018, 12:00:

Nextcloud Bitwarden

I found a link that explains how to make nextcloud listen on different ports and how to setup the according reverse proxy:


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