Multiple Dropbox Accounts Mac

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  1. Multiple Dropbox Accounts Mac
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  4. Multiple Dropbox Accounts On Mac

How to Access Two Dropbox Accounts In One Computer: Dropbox is everyone’s favorite Cloud storage service. Some people maintain more than one Dropbox accounts. But it possible to run two Dropbox accounts at the same time? Yes it is possible. The process is different in Windows and Mac.

Multiple Dropbox accounts on Mac OS X Many people have asked if there was a way to have both their private Dropbox account and their company Dropbox account co-existing under the same Mac OS X login. I have put together the steps involved along with an automator process which you can download below. Storage is cheap and free accounts are a drop in the ocean. Dropbox even has a faq that says if you want to use multiple separate dropbox accounts, the official way is to run multiple user accounts on one computer. They don't care if you have multiple free accounts. Plus there are a hundred different legitimate reasons for this.

In Windows

In Windows you have Dropboxen Method. This uses multiple user accounts to run different installations of Dropbox at once. You’ll need to install Dropboxen and then run Dropbox as different users.

While they certainly COULD via this IP method prevent registration of multiple Dropbox accounts under a single IP address - they don't. Glad the OP found a solution though. BTW, off-topic, but it's. Dropbox Multiple Accounts MacOpen a FREE DropBox accountCloudKafe: Access All Your Online Documen.

In a Mac

It is very simple on Mac. Just add a simple code line into an Automator Workflow. After entering this code you’ll get two separate Dropbox accounts running at the same time.

Add above given code on Automator workflow.


How to Access Two Dropbox Accounts in One Computer

Dropbox is a great solution for those looking for online storage solutions. We don’t need to say much about this service as it has grown in popularity and is used by many people around the world. Despite all of its great features, it does have some downsides. For instance, one can’t access two/multiple Dropbox accounts at the same time on one computer.


This can be a drag for people with multiple accounts with different purposes or for families with whom each member has individual accounts. The good news is that there are some methods you could employ that would allow you to run two Dropbox accounts at the same time. There’s a different process for both Macs and Windows. Let’s evaluate both:

Access Two Dropbox Accounts In One Computer running on Windows:

For those using this operating system, there is a method known as the Dropboxen method. This method allows users to run different installations of Dropbox at the same time. Of course, for this method to work you need to download Dropboxen. Once downloaded, unzip the files in the installation directory for the actual Dropbox app. The installation path is normally C:Program FilesDropbox.

The next step here is to open the Dropboxen.xml in Notepad or whatever editor you like using. In order to run many instances of Dropbox, you’ll have to modify the username and password for each account entry. This is as simple as this process can be explained, there is still some nitty gritty work that needs to be done.

Multiple Dropbox Accounts Mac

Access Two Dropbox Accounts In One Computer running on Mac:

To make this work on a Mac does take some time and patience, but let’s begin:

  1. To start, you’re going to need to create a folder in your home folder. Let’s name it “Dropbox-John”.
  2. The next step would be to open Automator
  3. Once this is done, select the Workflow option. Normally, this is usually default)
  4. What you’ll do is select the Run Shell Script which can be found via scrolling down. Take this script and place it in the main area.
  5. This is the tricky part. This code (HOME=$HOME/Dropbox-personal /Applications/ should be pasted into the input box, then hit run. One thing you should note is that the name of the folder you created earlier should be in this snippet. For our instance, instead of Dropbox-personal, we shall use Dropbox-John.
  6. Once this is done, click on run to make sure if it’s working or not. If the Dropbox setup wizard is launched, then you’re doing great. At this point, you should click on save in the Automator.
  7. To setup your second account, just click on the application that you just created and saved. That’s it.

Can I Have 2 Dropbox Accounts On My Mac

Link multiple dropbox accounts

How To Add Multiple Dropbox Accounts Mac


Multiple Dropbox Accounts On Mac

What you have to note is that this separate account won’t always be running especially if you shutdown/restart your device. To have it on startup, you’ll need to open system preferences and navigate to accounts. From there select your account on the left and login items on the right. There is small plus button that’ll be located at the bottom left. Use this to add a new item to the login list. The last step will be to browse to the folder that you saved the custom app. Select it and click add. That’s it you’re done.