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It’s also possible to send an SMS text message through your iPad using an email-to-SMS gateway. Almost every cell service provider operates such a gateway, and it allows you to send a message through a regular email client (such as Apple Mail) and have it appear as a text message on the recipient’s cell phone. Other iPad Apps for SMS/MMS Messaging I tried a few of these alternative apps. They give you a phone number and the app acts as a gateway to your iPad. FreeTone and nextplus work great for not just. As mentioned before, iMessage is Apple’s own instant messaging service like WhatsApp. You can send and receive messages between various Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There is, however, a very simple way to send MMS messages from your iPad to friends and family with iPhones and other phones that receive MMS messages. This does not require that the destination phone has email support. By emailing your picture to their phone and not their email, they'll receive it like a normal MMS message.

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: January 29, 2021

Have you met the problem that iMessages not working on iPad? You can't receive iMessages? You may agree with me that it is annoying when iPad failed to send an iMessage.

The iMessage feature is developed by Apple for their products wherein you can exchange messages with fellow iPhone, Mac, and iPad users as long as you are connected to the internet. When using the iMessage on your iPad you would notice that it appears as a blue bubble, and as for normal messages sent using your network providers' cellular plan, it appears as a green bubble.

Although just like anything we have on our devices this feature can also encounter certain issues which is pretty much normal, well not so if it happens all the time. It would be quite troublesome if suddenly your iMessage app wouldn't work and you can't figure out why.

We have to admit that it is one of the most used apps nowadays since people use it for day to day communication.

There may be instances that your message won't send or when you do use iMessage on your iPad it sends as a green bubble which means it's not functioning properly. There is also a known issue amongst iMessage users wherein the messages don't come in order, this started when the update came out for newer versions of iOS 11.

One other common thing that tends to crop up as a problem to iMessage users is that you can receive messages on one device but not on the other.

The best part? In order to fix the problem,iPad iMessage not working, there are certain steps you can take to figure out the root of it. There are many people ask 'iPad iMessage issue' in the apple forum. We have tried several solutions and find the best way to fix the problem.

Part 1: Common Issues with iMessage on iPad After the Software's Update

Network Connectivity on iPad

When updating your software it will wipe out everything on your device and you are back to a blank slate with your iPad. This means that even the network connections that you previously had would need to be set up again and since iMessage runs on internet connection(Wi-Fi) you would need to check your settings after the update and set it up again.

Setting up iMessage on your iPad

As mentioned above when you do your software's update everything is back to zero, so even the iMessage app on your iPad will be restored to default. You would need to check that it is enabled in the settings option for it to continue working properly

Insufficient Memory on iPad

Of course, if you want to fully utilize all the new features of the software's update you will maximize everything you can have on your iPad. This would definitely consume the memory of your device, which in turn would also affect the function of your iMessage.

Server is Unavailable

Mms messaging on ipad pro

It's a rare phenomenon that the server would be down. But if you have tried almost everything on your part to fix the problem with your iMessage app then most probably the problem lies with Apple's server already.

Internet Service Connectivity

If you are using Date connection then there might be instances that the signal is unstable which in turn would affect your usage of the iMessage app on your iPad, along with other features and applications on the device that requires an internet connection like Wi-Fi to function.

How to Fix iMessage Not Working on iPad Issue?

There are several ways to fix 'iMessage deos not work on iPad' issue, including 8 common ways and the easiest way by using FoneDog toolkit:

  • Check to see if messages are blocked.
  • Check to see if iMessage is set up properly on your iPad.
  • Check your internet connection, like Wi-Fi.
  • Sign out then log back in your iMessage.
  • Do a network reset.
  • Ease up the load on your iMessage up and delete some messages.
  • Make sure that your iPad is set to the correct timezone.
  • Update your iMessage to the latest version.
  • Use the FoneDog toolkit- iOS System Recovery for easily fixing.

Part 2: Common Fixes for iMessage Not Working on iPad

Fix 1: Check to see if messages are blocked, this can easily be done when you go to settings, find the Messages selection on the settings panel. Toggle the iMessage option to turn it off then back on. It's simple and works most of the time. If it doesn't then let's try something else.

Fix 2: On the same settings page, you can check to see if iMessage is set up properly on your iPad. All you got to do is make sure that for the 'Start New Conversations From' option your phone number is checked.

Fix 3: Check your internet connection, which should probably be one of the most important things to take note of if your iMessage is not working properly. Unstable internet connection service greatly affects the function of the app.

Fix 4: Try to go back to the Message settings of your iPad and sign out. Using your Apple ID log out then log back in. Then try sending a message from your iPad.

Fix 5: You can always do a force reset on your iPad. To do so click and hold down the Sleep/Wake button (located on the upper-right corner of your iPad). While you’re holding down the Sleep/Wake button, hold down the Home button as well (located on the front of your iPad at the bottom) hold down both buttons until the device powers without any prompt, this will reboot your iPad and it takes about 30 seconds for it to completely start up.

Then now you can try to send a message to see if it worked.

Fix 6: You can also do a network reset. To perform this you just have to go to 'Settings' then select 'General'. Now go to 'Reset' and choose 'Reset Network Settings'

Fix 7: One other basic thing you can try to do is ease up the load on your iMessage up and delete some messages. If it has a lot of photos and videos in it then it might consume too much memory on your device and slow it down. Try freeing up some space, either way, you can always back those up before deleting the copy on your iPad.

Fix 8: This is not a common thing and for some, it may not work. But there have been proven instances that when you make sure that your iPad is set to the correct timezone it solves the problem of your iMessage malfunctioning.

Fix 9: Just like all the other features of your iPad that is affected by the software, you would need to make sure that it is up to date. Check on the most recent software update and if there is a need for it download the latest one and set up the settings of your iMessage once it is done.

Take note though that this will prompt your device to be wiped clean of all it's stored data. You won't need to worry if you have everything backed up but if not then you just have to suck it up and go through with it or better yet back it up before doing so.

Part 3: Easily Fix iMessages Not Working on iPad Right Now!

When all else fails and you don't want to go through the agony of losing everything on your iPad just to fix the issue of your iMessage does not work properly, then we have the perfect solution for you. Here are the very easy steps that you would need to go through to use the FoneDog toolkit- iOS System Recovery.

Step 1: Download the FoneDog toolkit- iOS System Recovery

Once you have completed the download install and launch the program. After which you can connect your iPad to your computer and wait for it to be detected.

Activate Mms Messaging On Ipad

Once your device has synced and is now detected, proceed to go to the 'iOS System Recovery' module. There will be a few important prompts that will serve as reminders before it will allow you to go through with the process.

These reminders are the following; your device will not lose any existing data on it, it will go back to locked status and lastly, it will revert back to 'non-jailbroken status' if it has been jailbroken before.

Step 2: Select Appropriate Firmware for your iPad

The FoneDog toolkit has this unique way of locating the necessary firmware that will work well with your device.

You just have to make sure that you supply the correct information such as device type, model, and serial number.

Once done with the information click on 'Repair' to start the process.


Step 3: Repair iMessage Not Working on iPad

Not literally broken but what is not working the way it should. Once the firmware download has been completed the FoneDog toolkit will now begin the automatic repair process.

Using the software package that was downloaded it will apply it to your iPad and restore it back to its previous state prior to the iOS 11 update. After the repair is complete your iPad will reboot as per normal.

Step 4: Repair Complete

Be patient and wait for the repairing.

Part 4: Troubleshoot When iCloud Drive Not Syncing on Your Device

Go to Settings, then [your name].

You will find iCloud, tap it.

Then tap iCloud storage.

Under the iCloud Storage, tap Manage Storage.

Then from there, you will see the list of applications and how much spaces they consume along with how much storage is left to use.

Apple software's updates are there for a reason. It is to help you get the latest services Apple is offering, and if you fail to update your device, errors and troubles are very likely to happen.

Using the FoneDog toolkit- iOS System Recovery guarantees a safe and successful way to fix an issue with your iOS device without needing to worry about losing anything important to you that stored on your iPad. It also deals with other system issues such as iTunes error, black screen, white screen looping on start and many others.

Now not being able to use the iMessage feature on your iPad is really a hassle and if just in case the above-mentioned solutions did not work, we would also recommend that you contact support for Apple.

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Have you come across a problem when your iMessages not working on iPad? We can agree without a doubt that it’s super annoying when your iPad fails to send a message. Although just like other apps that we have on our device, we can encounter certain issues with iMessages, which are normal, but not exactly when it keeps happening all the time. It would be really something to worry about if you, all of a sudden are not receiving messages on iPad and can’t figure out why.


Well you don’t have to worry about it anymore; in this article we are going to discuss all the things that can cause this problem and all the possible solutions we can have against these issues.

Problem 1: iPad not Sending/Receiving Text Messages

iMessage is a service that Apple users can use to exchange messages with fellow Mac, iPhone and iPad users as long as you have a good internet connection. Messages sent through iMessage are shown in a blue bubble while regular text messages appear as a green bubble.

But somehow if your iPad ipad message not delivered/received as usual, it can be quiet a problem. Some helpful solutions are given below.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Usually it is because you aren’t connected to the internet. iMessage can only be sent/received when your iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi or personal hotspot. Sometimes you may accidentally hit your Airplane mode option and be bamboozled as to why you can’t get any messages, or your internet connection might be down. If you notice this problem, you can simply fix it by reconnecting Wi-Fi or disabling Airplane mode on the control center.

2. Make Sure You’ve Activated iMessages

Before you can start using iMessage on iPad, you need to set it up in Settings. Process to activate iMessages is given below:

  • Launch Settings from your home screen.
  • Tap Messages.
  • Tap the iMessage On/Off switch. The switch will be green when it's been turned on.

3. Restart your iPad

It is likely that you are facing this issue because of some application that might be taking up most of the RAM, making other processes harder to run.

Simply restarting your iPad by holding the power button and drag the slider will fix this issue because it will turn off all of the processes that run in the background.

4. Sign out of Apple ID and Sign in Back Again

Your iMessage works with the Apple ID you are using at the device. Usually if your iPad is not receiving text messages it is because either you ID has been signed out or hasn’t been synced properly, probably because of connectivity issues.

As a solution to this issue you would have to sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Settings app in iOS and head to your name.
  • Scroll down and find Sign Out option.
  • Enter your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off.
  • Decide whether to keep a copy of your data or delete them.
  • Tap Sign Out again to confirm.
  • After that, wait for a while and sign back in with the same Apple ID by entering your email and password.

Problem 2: Error Occurred When Activate iMessage

To use iMessage on your device you need to activate it on your iPad. Sometimes, you can come across an error message during activation process, for example:

  • An error occurred during activation
  • Waiting for activation
  • Activation unsuccessful
  • Could not sign in, please check your network connection

If you see the error message during activation, here are a few solutions you can follow:

1. Check Time Zone Settings

The first solution that you can try to fix an iMessage activation error is checking the time zone settings. There are certain cases where users have incorrect time and due to which the activation fails. To manage your time zones, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings app.
  • Tap General > Date & Time
  • Make sure your time zone is set correctly

2. Wait for 1 Day

Sometimes, it takes almost 24 hours for the activation process to fully complete. If you are facing errors initially, give the activation process a day and see if it completes successfully, if not, follow the other steps.

3. Repair Operating System on iPad

You may have your iPad iMessage error most of the times because of a software issue. To deal with an iOS issue you would normally have to reset your phone, resulting in loss of all of your data unless you back some of it up in your computer.

Now the good news for you is that you won’t have to lose your data and get your iOS repaired easily by using iMyFone Fixppo! It is a very easy to use iOS repair tool that lets you deal with almost all software issues with iPad/iPhone, like iOS services not working/responding, frozen screen, reboot loop, not charging and more.

It has a Standard and Advanced mode, the best thing about Standard mode is that you can get iPad completely restored without losing any data at all.

Repairing your iPad’s iOS is very easy using iMyFone Fixppo, here is a step by step guide on how to do it:

Step 1.Install iMyFone Fixppo on your computer and connect your device via a lightning/data cable. To avoid losing data, select Standard mode. If you have iOS 12.0 or higher,unlock your device before clicking next.

Step 2.Connect your device with computer. If your device is recognized, the program will proceed to the next step, if not, you can follow the clear guide on the screen to enter Recovery mode first.

Step 3.The program will detect the model of your iPad and show you all of the available firmware for it. You can choose whatever version of iOS you prefer, and then click download. Once it has finished downloading, it will verify the software and extract it into your iPad.

Step 3.Now that everything is ready, you can click Start button and proceed to fix your software, click the Start button. After the repairing process is done, your iPad will reboot without having iMessage problems any more.

Problem 3: iPad Messages out of Order

If you note that your iMessages are out of order in the inbox, we’ve got some easy fixes for you, give them a look below:

1. Force Restart iPad

  • Hold down the Home button as well as the power button.
  • Keep holding until the Apple logo appears.
  • Let go of the buttons and wait while your device boots up.

2. Turn off iMessage and Back on

  • Launch Settings from your iPad.
  • Tap Messages.
  • Tap the slider next to iMessage to turn it off.
  • Tap it again to turn it back on.

3. Reset All Settings

If you are not able to fix the issue of iPad messages out of order following the above solutions, then you need to reset the settings to factory default. This will not cause data loss. Now follow the steps to reset your iPad.

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset.
  • Select Reset All Settings.
  • Enter the passcode and confirm your decision again to reset.

4. Try Fixppo to Repair

If none of that works, you can use iMyFone Fixppo to repair your software to get rid of anything that’s causing the error. Simply follow the steps given above and get rid of all the errors and issues on your iPad.

In the End

Mms Messaging Missing On Ipad

iPad not receiving messages? iMessage cannot be activated on iPad? After reading this article, I am sure you’ve have a clear idea of how to solve these problems. Here we’ve given 11 effective solutions but if you want to make sure to get rid of it once and for all, we would recommend using iMyFone Fixppo. Now the free trial is available, why not give it a shoot?