Microsoft Teams On Citrix

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Microsoft Teams in a virtualized environment supports chat and collaboration. And with the Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix, and VMware platforms, calling and meeting functionality is also supported. Teams in a virtualized environment supports multiple configurations. These include VDI, dedicated, shared, persistent, and non-persistent modes. Microsoft Teams enhancements 4. The VP9 video codec is now disabled by default. Enhancement to echo cancellation, auto gain control, noise suppression configurations - If Microsoft Teams configures these options, Citrix-redirected Teams honors the values as configured. Otherwise, these options are set to True by default. The Citrix Optimization for Microsoft Teams solution was developed with and endorsed by Microsoft—enabling a secure unified communications platform.

The initial release of Microsoft Teams VDI support only supported a single incoming video stream for the active speaker. This is the default view:

However, now available in public preview is seeing the video of four attendees in a 2×2 grid. This is a great improvement for user experience on VDI clients.


Steps to enable the 2×2 grid view VDI public preview:

1. Ensure you are using Citrix or VMware optimised VDI To check this in Teams, select your profile picture > About > Version. You’ll see a banner which shows the client version plus a message about the VDI platform the client is running on in the form “[VDI Platform] Media Optimized.” For example, “Citrix HDX Media Optimized” or “VMWare Media Optimized”


2. Ensure you have the latest VDI client and Teams MSI version installed

3. Enrol selected users in the preview program ( and have them enable preview on their clients. Profile picture > About > Public Preview.

Switch to public preview

Now you will see 2×2 grid view in VDI experience

More details on the tech community here: Now in public preview: Teams on VDI 2×2 Gallery View – Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft Teams On Citrix

Microsoft Teams Public Preview

The Microsoft Teams Preview program provides early access to unreleased features in Teams. Previews allow you to explore and test upcoming features. It is not the same as TAP, there is no need to sign up or be approved, and you can enable it for just select users.

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Microsoft Teams On Citrix Xenapp

Other features currently in the preview program alongside Teams Meetings 2×2 Gallery View in Citrix and VMWare VDI

  • Windows Native Notifications are now Supported on Teams: Users can now select their preferred means of notification delivery, either through Teams built-in banners or the Windows native banners.
  • Meeting Reactions: Meeting reactions are a new way to interact in meetings. Participants can send reactions which are shown as a stream on content that is being shared, and on the individual who sent the reaction if they’re displayed on the meeting stage.
  • Together Mode and Large Gallery for Web Meetings Large Gallery enables you to see the videos of up to 49 other people at once. This option is available when at least ten people have their cameras turned on. Together mode lets you feel like you’re in the same shared space with everyone in the meeting. Together mode is available when there are at least five people in the meeting.
  • Call Merge Call Merge allows users to merge a new call they place, or a new incoming call, into their 1-1 or group call. This applies to Teams VOIP calls and PSTN calls.

Microsoft Teams On Citrix Client


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You can find out what is in the current preview program release here: Release Notes Current Channel (Preview) – Office release notes Microsoft Docs