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# Header Anchors

This project creates full-stack platform-specific downloadable packages for GitLab. לאחרונה הצטרפתי ל- GitHub. אירחתי שם כמה פרויקטים. אני צריך לכלול כמה תמונות בקובץ README שלי. אני לא יודע איך לעשות את זה. חיפשתי על זה, אבל כל מה שקיבלתי היה כמה קישורים שמספרים. Also, every or contained in each sub-directory will automatically be converted to index.html, with corresponding URL /. For example, given the following directory structure:. ├─ ├─ foo │ ├─ │ ├─ │ └─ └─ bar ├─ ├─ └─

Headers automatically get anchor links applied. Rendering of anchors can be configured using the markdown.anchor option.

# Links

# Internal Links

Internal links are converted to <router-link> for SPA navigation. Also, every or contained in each sub-directory will automatically be converted to index.html, with corresponding URL /.

For example, given the following directory structure:

And providing you are in foo/

# Redirection for URLs

VuePress supports redirecting to clean links. If a link /foo is not found, VuePress will look for a existing /foo/ or /foo.html. Conversely, when one of /foo/ or /foo.html is not found, VuePress will try the other. With this feature, we can customize your website’s URLs with the official plugin vuepress-plugin-clean-urls(opens new window).


Regardless of whether the permalink and clean-urls plugins are used, your relative path should be defined by the current file structure. In the above example, even though you set the path of /foo/ to /foo/one/, you should still access /foo/ via ./

# Page Suffix

Pages and internal links get generated with the .html suffix by default.

You can customize this by setting config.markdown.pageSuffix.

# External Links

Outbound links automatically get target='_blank':

You can customize the attributes added to external links by setting config.markdown.externalLinks.

# Frontmatter

YAML frontmatter(opens new window) is supported out of the box:

This data will be available to the rest of the page, along with all custom and theming components.

For more details, see Frontmatter.

# GitHub-Style Tables



col 3 isright-aligned$1600
col 2 iscentered$12
zebra stripesare neat$1

# Emoji 🎉

Git readme template



🎉 💯

A list of all emojis(opens new window) is available.

# Table of Contents



  • Links
  • Custom Containers default theme

Rendering of the TOC can be configured using the markdown.toc option.

Readme template

# Custom Containers default theme

Custom containers can be defined by their types, titles, and contents.

# Default Title




This is a tip


This is a dangerous warning

This is a details block, which does not work in Internet Explorer or Edge.

# Custom Title




Danger zone, do not proceed

Click me to view the code

Also see:

# Syntax Highlighting in Code Blocks

VuePress uses Prism(opens new window) to highlight language syntax in Markdown code blocks, using coloured text. Prism supports a wide variety of programming languages. All you need to do is append a valid language alias to the beginning backticks for the code block:





A list of valid languages(opens new window) is available on Prism’s site.

# Line Highlighting in Code Blocks



In addition to a single line, you can also specify multiple single lines, ranges, or both:

Md Readme File

  • Line ranges: for example {5-8}, {3-10}, {10-17}
  • Multiple single lines: for example {4,7,9}
  • Line ranges and single lines: for example {4,7-13,16,23-27,40}



Sample Readme File

# Line Numbers

You can enable line numbers for each code blocks via config:

  • Demo:

How To Make Readme File

# Import Code Snippets beta

You can import code snippets from existing files via following syntax:

It also supports line highlighting:




Since the import of the code snippets will be executed before webpack compilation, you can’t use the path alias in webpack. The default value of @ is process.cwd().

You can also use a VS Code region(opens new window) to only include the corresponding part of the code file. You can provide a custom region name after a # following the filepath (snippet by default):



Code file


# Advanced Configuration

VuePress uses markdown-it(opens new window) as the Markdown renderer. A lot of the extensions above are implemented via custom plugins. You can further customize the markdown-it instance using the markdown option in .vuepress/config.js:

  • Sharing markdown file with images shouldn't be painful. Images can be uploaded to cloud server on macOS with integration of iPic Service.
    Hard to display retina image with correct size? Typora support <img> tag with customized size or zoom factor.
    When handling relative path of a local image file, you could set its base path towards the root folder of your static blog.
    Insert images will be quite easy via drag & drop.
    /* Display images, rather than text for images when writing */
  • Use your own css code to change font size, alignement, or even make some magics possible, such as Auto Numbering Headers.
    Type `[TOC]` to insert table of contents, all headings will be listed here.
    Set the href to headers, which will create a bookmark that allow you to jump to that section after clicking.
  • Arrange nested lists like a rich editor, by tab and shift+tab key.
    GFM task list supported. Able to manage simple todos in a markdown file.
    Use shortcut keys, context menu or touch bar to change list type from one to another.
  • Quickest steps to resize tables in Markdown file: just mouse dragging.
    Use shortcut keys to generate tables with given layouts. Type markdown directly is also supported.
  • Display line numbers can be turned on in preferences panel.
    Typora supports around 100 languages for syntax highlighting, covers all common programming languages.
  • Most MathJax extensions built-in, including mhchem, AMSmath, BBox, etc.
    Auto numbering math equations (enable in preference panel).
  • Draws simple SVG flow chart diagrams powered by flowchart.js.
    Generation of flowchart, sequence, gantt and more by mermaid engine.
    /* Draw diagrams from textual representation */
  • Set your the link targets towards a header, a markdown file, or an URL.
    All styles include Strong and emphasis can be correctly rendered in CJK charsets.
  • /* And other block styles */