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  • To open the preview, just open a markdown file, and in the command palette, you should find MarkdownLivePreview: Open Preview.
  • A simple plugin to preview your markdown as you type right in Sublime Text. No dependencies! It's available on package control! Setting a keybinding. The open the preview, you can search up in the command palette (ctrl+shift+p) MarkdownLivePreview: Open Preview. But if you prefer to have a shortcut, add this.
  • GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
Markdown online preview

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  • 1. Description
  • 4. Configuration
  • 5. Usage
  • 6. Key bindings

1 Description

1.1 Features:

  • markdown files support via markdown-mode
  • mdx file support via markdown-mode
  • Fast GitHub-flavored live preview via vmd-mode
  • TOC generation via markdown-toc
  • Completion of Emojis using company-emoji (still needs a way of showing, eitherusing the emoji layer or having a proper font) :clap:

2 BibTeX

For more extensive support of references with BibTeX files, have a look at theBibTeX layer.

3 Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need toadd markdown to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in thisfile.

4 Configuration

4.1 Live preview


A live preview can be generated when one of these executables are in path:

  • markdown
  • pandoc
  • markdown_py

A well-knowned markdown command is from follow pandoc installation instructions to install pandoc into path:

Another choice is installing Python-Markdown:


If your markdown executable is not in the list, please refer the document ofmarkdown-mode for customizing the markdown-command.

Another alternative is to install the `github layer` and use `grip-mode` for livepreviewing, though this only supports Github flavored markdown.

By default the built-in Emacs web browser is used to live preview a markdownbuffer.

To use vmd (GitHub-flavored live preview) instead set the value of thevariable markdown-live-preview-engine to vmd:

And install the executable with:

Additionally there is flymd package in chrome layer that allows to previewmarkdown buffer in Chrome. Please refer to chrome layer documentation for moreinformation.

4.2 Automatic MMM-Mode Generation

To generate MMM-Modes for languages set the value of the variablemarkdown-mmm-auto-modes to a list of the languages. For languages where themode name directly relates to the language name, use a string. Otherwise, use alist of `('language' 'mode')`:

Note: Spacemacs already defines the variable markdown-mmm-auto-modes to abunch of languages. Consider opening a PR on the Spacemacs repository to addnew languages instead of overriding the variable in your dotfile.

5 Usage

5.1 Generate a TOC

To generate a table of contents type on top of the buffer:SPC SPC markdown-toc-generate-toc RET

5.2 Editing tables

While markdown-mode provides functionality to edit tables, users of orglayer benefit from more sophisticated orgtbl-mode.

In order to use orgtabl-mode, add org layer to your ~/.spacemacs.

6 Key bindings

6.1 Element insertion

Key bindingDescription
SPC m -insert horizontal line
SPC m h iinsert header dwim
SPC m h Iinsert header setext dwim
SPC m h 1insert header atx 1
SPC m h 2insert header atx 2
SPC m h 3insert header atx 3
SPC m h 4insert header atx 4
SPC m h 5insert header atx 5
SPC m h 6insert header atx 6
SPC m h !insert header setext 1
SPC m h @insert header setext 2
SPC m i linsert link
SPC m i uinsert uri
SPC m i finsert footnote
SPC m i winsert wiki link
SPC m i iinsert image
SPC m i tinsert Table of Contents (toc)
SPC m x bmake region bold or insert bold
SPC m x Binsert gfm checkbox
SPC m x imake region italic or insert italic
SPC m x cmake region code or insert code
SPC m x Cmake region code or insert code (GitHub Flavored Markdown format)
SPC m x kmake region <kbd> element or insert <kbd> element
SPC m x qmake region blockquote or insert blockquote
SPC m x Qblockquote region
SPC m x pmake region or insert pre
SPC m x Ppre region
SPC m x smake region striked through or insert strikethrough

6.2 Element removal

6.3 Table manipulation

Key bindingDescription
SPC m t pmove row up
SPC m t nmove row down
SPC m t fmove column right
SPC m t bmove column left
SPC m t rinsert row
SPC m t Rdelete row
SPC m t cinsert column
SPC m t Cdelete column
SPC m t ssort lines
SPC m t ttranspose table
SPC m t dconvert region to table

6.4 Completion

Markdownlivepreview Settings

6.5 Following and Jumping

Key bindingDescription
SPC m ofollow thing at point
RETjump (markdown-do)

6.6 Indentation

Key bindingDescription
SPC m >indent region
SPC m <outdent region

6.7 Header navigation

Key bindingDescription
gjoutline forward same level
gkoutline backward same level
ghoutline up one level
gloutline next visible heading

6.8 Buffer-wide commands

Key bindingDescription
SPC m c ]complete buffer
SPC m c mother window
SPC m c ppreview
SPC m c Plive preview using engine defined with layer variable markdown-live-preview-engine
SPC m c eexport
SPC m c vexport and preview
SPC m c oopen
SPC m c wkill ring save
SPC m c ccheck refs
SPC m c ncleanup list numbers
SPC m c rrender buffer

6.9 List editing

6.10 Movement

Live preview word
Key bindingDescription
SPC m {backward paragraph
SPC m }forward paragraph
SPC m Nnext link
SPC m Pprevious link

6.11 Promotion, Demotion

Markdown Live Preview 2020

Key bindingCommand
M-k or M-upmarkdown-move-up
M-j or M-downmarkdown-move-down
M-h or M-leftmarkdown-promote
M-l or M-rightmarkdown-demote

6.12 Toggles

Live Preview Excel

Key bindingDescription
SPC m T itoggle inline images
SPC m T ltoggle hidden urls
SPC m T mtoggle markup hiding
SPC m T ttoggle checkbox
SPC m T wtoggle wiki links