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Basic Formatting

Given some Markdown input, we want to output JSX inside a component. The most popular solution is using remark. Remark parses and compiles Markdown using an AST. It's powered by plugins that allow you to add syntax highlighting, generate a table of contents, and more. For example, you can use remark-html to transform Markdown to HTML. Click on the URL button, Enter URL and Submit. This tool supports loading the HTML File to transform to markdown. Click on the Upload button and select File. HTML to markdown Online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. The above example is just a simple example. You don’t really need to alter from markdown to HTML if you use such a basic format, but it shows you the basics of having an HTML mail with links that immediately redirects you to the corresponding approval item and even selects the output for you.

  • Bold: **Bold**
  • Emphasized: *Emphasized*
  • Strikethrough : ~~Strikethrough~~
  • Horizontal rules: --- (three hyphens), *** (three asterisks), or ___ (three underscores).


All heading levels (e.g. H1, H2, etc), are marked by # at the beginning of a line. For example, an H1 is # Heading 1 and an H2 is ## Heading 2. This continues to ###### Heading 6.


Hugo Markdown With Html

Links can be created using several methods:

  • Links can be [inline](
  • Inline links can [have a title]( 'Awesome Markdown Converter')
  • Also, there can be reference links that allow the URL to be placed later in the document:
    • Here is a [reference link][markdowntohtml] that links to this site.
    • References are case-insensitive (for example [this link][MarkDownToHTML] works).
    • References can also [use numbers][1].
    • Or leave it empty and use the [link text itself].
  • Also, you can use relative links [like this](../blob/master/LICENSE.txt).
  • URLs and URLs in angle brackets will automatically get turned into links: or <>.
URLs for reference links are somewhere later in the document like this:


Images can also be inline or use a reference style, similar to links. Simply prepend an exclamation point to turn the link into an image. For example:

In the original Markdown spec, John Gruber describes Markdown as 'a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers.'It was designed to be easy to read and easy to write, and it certainly meets those requirements.Compare writing a bold link in HTML:

Markdown With Embedded Html

with Markdown:

The Markdown version has almost 1/3 fewer characters without losing any information.

This ability to generate HTML without writing HTML hasn't gone unnoticed.Since 2004, Markdown has continued to climb in popularity.The Google Trends data for 'markdown' shows impressive growth, especially since 2010:

Markdown tooling has also exploded since 2004, with Markdown parsers in many languages (e.g., Python-Markdown for Python; Marked, Showdown, and markdown-it for JavaScript).At the same time, developers wrote extensions to extend Markdown's original feature set, including an extension to represent HTML tables with Markdown's characteristic user-friendliness.

Markdown Tables

The syntax for describing tables in Markdown was popularized by GitHub in the The GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) Spec.The GFM spec describes tables in Markdown like this:

A table is an arrangement of data with rows and columns, consisting of a single header row, a delimiter row separating the header from the data, and zero or more data rows.

In other words--or in other Markdown--this is what a table looks like following the GFM table spec:

This table is formatted to be easy on the eyes, but not all Markdown tables are.Take a look at the formatting of this table, which is equally compliant but less readable:

This readability issue gets even worse when adding rich content into table data cells:

Pandoc Markdown With Html

Composing and editing Markdown tables while keeping them readable is no picnic.Thank goodness there's Table to Markdown!