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Check out these best to-do list apps in 2021 for Android and iOS that will help you get more done at work by easily managing and keeping track of your tasks. To create a task list, add a specially-formatted Markdown list, like so: - x Completed task - Incomplete task - Sub-task 1 - x Sub-task 2 - Sub-task 3. Completed task; Incomplete task Sub-task 1; Sub-task 2; Sub-task 3; Task lists can only be created in descriptions, not in.

  • Back Markdown Syntax Guide. SourceForge uses markdown syntax everywhere to allow you to create rich text markup, and extends markdown in several ways to allow for quick linking to other artifacts in your project. Markdown was created to be easy to read, easy to write, and still.
  • If you are not familiar with Markdown, it might look a little scary at first. Once you get the basics, you will quickly love it as it allows you to format your text without taking your hands off.

To do list is a best way to perform your tasks in specific order. In this busy schedule to do list provide help you to perform and manage your work efficiently and effectively. This list is prepared may be prepared by the person weekly, daily and monthly. People prepared this list according to their requirement. A to do list contain list of all tasks with allotted time of each task follow this list in a whole day. This list is easy and best way to perform your tasks and done your work in proper order. This list is prepared in proper order and important and need of the person and business organization because this list is used in business organization and companies. Office employees use this list to perform their tasks efficiently. Here we offer you our well prepared and well designed to do list template. This list prepared in a professional way. Find below you see the attractive and accurate image of our selected to do list template. Keeping in mind your need we prepared to do list template beautiful color combination inserted in this template. This template is customizable because it has been created in MS Word. For your comfort, we provided you a download button for downloading this template. You just one click in this button and download this template for your own use.


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Markdown List Nested

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Markdown Bulleted List

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