Markdown In Trello

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Use the following markdown in card titles (almost all options can be disabled in the settings):

Title markdown and http links

  • Use *text* for italic
  • Use **text** for bold
  • Use ~~text~~ for strike-through
  • Use `text` for code
  • Use <c:colornameorhexvalue text> for colored text (by the way: you can use this in the card description and comments, too)
    The format <c:rgb(###,###,###) text> is also supported.
  • Use n to create a linebreak in the title
  • http://, https:// and www. addresses are shown as clickable link
Markdown in trello fortnite

Separator cards, pinned cards, question marks and background color

Trello-json-to-markdown is a Node.js script that generates reports for your Trello boards within a range of days as GFM Markdown files for easy viewing of the cards you have created and the details for each card, including the history of all of the actions for each card. Add support for bold and emphasized Markdown in Trello card titles using a User Script. trello-card-title-markdown.user.js.

  • Start title with > for normal separators
  • Start title with >> for large separators
  • Start title with . (a dot) to pin card on top of the list and to give it a double border to stand out
  • A question icon will be shown before the title when ? is used in title
  • Use c:colornameorhexvalue to set the background color of the card.
    The format c:rgb(###,###,###) is also supported.

Card title header and subtitle

  • Use between the intended title header and the remaining title
  • Use to create a title header above the remaining title
  • Use [brackets] to display the inner text as a subtitle below the title

Card priority and hashtags

  • A priority icon and color will be shown when !, !! or !!! is used in title
  • Use #word to show that word as blue hashtag in the title

If you use markdown for headers, hashtags and/or priorities TCO will automatically display selection dropdowns below your board, to let you filter cards in a breeze!

Card starring

Giving cards stars can be used to indicate some kind of magnitude, for instance a difficulty or estimated duration (as used in ‘scrum’ techniques).
But you could use it for any other ordering method, like the importance of a card to you or how expensive something is. Choose what fits your board best!

  • A star icon will be shown below the title when *3 (or other number) is used in title.
    The total number of starred cards is shown on the top of the list.

Card title markdown examples

For instance, the starred card above was created by using the following title:

This card has *high* **priority**!!! and 4 stars *4 [card background is set based on label color]

PS: the position of the [subtitle] and/or the *4 in the text don’t matter, TCO extracts them anyway.

And this title using the > separator markup :

>Website This <c:red is> a <c:yellow smaller> sep [with a *bodytext* below] c:pink

Markdown In Trello

Generates the following card:

And the following title with a blue Trello label:

Trello Markdown In Card Titles

First This title has [**bold** and *italic* in the title text and this is `code` and ~~strikethrough~~] it all!!!

Generates the following card:

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