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Remarkable is an excellent Markdown editor with a plethora of features. You can use it to work with both the standard and Github-flavored Markdown language. Advanced-level formatting is also possible as the tool comes with spell checking, word count, and MathJax support. 2.5 Markdown syntax. The text in an R Markdown document is written with the Markdown syntax. Precisely speaking, it is Pandoc’s Markdown. There are many flavors of Markdown invented by different people, and Pandoc’s flavor is the most comprehensive one to our knowledge.


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Update 2014-09-05: Jeff Atwood renames “Standard Markdown” to “Common Markdown” and apologizes to John Gruber. Details: “Standard Markdown is now Common Markdown”.


On September 3, Jeff Atwood announced a new standardization effort for John Gruber’s Markdown: Standard Markdown.

It is amazing how ubiquitous Markdown has become and it’s great that there is now a standard for it. Highlights:

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  • The working group comprises representatives from: GitHub, Reddit, Stack Exchange, the open source community.
  • There is a proper specification that also describes a parsing strategy. This should help tremendously with writing a parser that can handle all content that complies with the standard. Given all the incompatible Markdown dialects in existence, that is currently a very difficult task.
  • There are reference implementations in JavaScript and C and a validation test suite.
    • You can try out the reference implementation online.


  • The whole effort more or less started with a blog post by Jeff Atwood on 12 Oct 2012.
  • John Gruber is not part of the standardization effort. Which is sad, but understandable, given how Atwood approached him. More information:
    • “Open Source Obligations” by Daniel Jalkut.
    • “Atwood: Learn The First Thing About Open Source” by Giles Bowkett.

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A few more thoughts:

Markdown Flavors 2020

  • The use case “publishing” is currently a bit underrepresented in the working group. Members of the Ghost blogging platform and of Leanpub would be great additions.
  • Mid-term to long-term, I’d like a more extensive standard to build on this one: It should comprise the Asciidoc features that are currently missing from Markdown (but maybe in more of a formal syntax instead of something ASCII art-ish). Rationale: better support Markdown for publishing, especially books.