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Marked is

You can make changes to your Markdown files and your docs will automatically rebuild. 2 Your MkDocs project is built ¶ Once you have your documentation in a public repository such as GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab, you can start using Read the Docs by importing your docs. Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. Docs supports CommonMark compliant Markdown parsed through the Markdig parsing engine. Docs also supports custom Markdown extensions that provide richer content on the Docs site. Habrahabr Flavored Markdown.

  1. built for speed.*
  2. a low-level markdown compiler for parsing markdown without caching or blocking for long periods of time.**
  3. light-weight while implementing all markdown features from the supported flavors & specifications.***
  4. available as a command line interface (CLI) and running in client- or server-side JavaScript projects.

* Still working on metrics for comparative analysis and definition.
** As few dependencies as possible.
*** Strict compliance could result in slower processing when running comparative benchmarking.


Checkout the demo page to see marked in action ⛹️

These documentation pages are also rendered using marked 💯

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CLI:npm install -g marked

In-browser:npm install marked


Warning: 🚨 Marked does not sanitize the output HTML. Please use a sanitize library, like DOMPurify (recommended), sanitize-html or insane on the output HTML! 🚨




Markdown Docs Nodejs

Marked offers advanced configurations and extensibility as well.

Supported Markdown specifications

We actively support the features of the following Markdown flavors.

The original
CommonMark0.29Work in progress
GitHub Flavored Markdown0.29Work in progress

By supporting the above Markdown flavors, it's possible that Marked can help you use other flavors as well; however, these are not actively supported by the community.

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The only completely secure system is the one that doesn't exist in the first place. Having said that, we take the security of Marked very seriously.

Markdown Docstring

Therefore, please disclose potential security issues by email to the project committers as well as the listed owners within NPM. We will provide an initial assessment of security reports within 48 hours and should apply patches within 2 weeks (also, feel free to contribute a fix for the issue).