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Install ffmpeg: brew install ffmpeg Install latex (MacTeX): brew cask install mactex Install manimlib pip install manimlib (or pip install -user manimlib to just yourself). Brew cask install anaconda brew cask install atom brew cask install github brew cask install mactex brew cask install miniconda brew cask install virtualbox JDK ¶ Spark and Hadoop use version 8 of the Java Development Kit (JDK 8).

  1. Mactex Brew
  2. Brew Mactex-no-gui
Mac brew mactex

How to print this book?

Let’s say you don’t want to navigate or interact with the examples and you just want a good old fashion text book which you can read on the beach or on your commute to the city. In that case you can print this book.

Installing glslViewer

For printing this book you need first to parse it. For that you will need glslViewer a console shader tool that will compile and transform the shader examples into images.

In MacOSX get sure to have homebrew installed and then on your terminal do:

On Raspberry Pi you need to get Raspbian, a Debian-based Linux distribution made for Raspberry Pi and then do:

Installing Python 3, Latex Engine and Pandoc

  1. On default, the rosetta brew is located at “/usr/local/bin/brew” and the Apple Silicon brew is located at “/opt/homebrew/bin/brew” (For more details on this, visit.
  2. On MacOS you can use Homebrew, which is an excellent tool for installing all kinds of open source software. First, download and install XCode (from the Apple store) and command line tools (option within XCode or in a terminal execute xcode-select -install).
  3. Brew cask install mactex Warning. Note that MacTeX will require at least 4.5GB of hard disk space.

For parsing the Markdown chapters into Latex and then into a PDF file we will use Xetex Latex Engine and Pandoc.

In MacOSX:

Download and Install MacTeX by:

and then install Pandoc and Python 3 by:

On Raspberry Pi (Raspbian):

Compile the book into a pdf and print it

Now that you have all you need, it is time to clone the repository of this book and compile the book.

For that open your terminal once again and type:

If everything goes well, you will see a book.pdf file which you can read on your favorite device or print.

Compile the book into an epub for use with an e-reader

The generated book.epub can be used directly, or converted to a .mobi file for use with Kindle by using a converter, for example Calibre.

The font “FontAwesome” cannot be found

I met this error when using XeLaTeX with the package moderncv.

This is due to in fontawesome.sty, it referenced FontAwesome by its name, but my MacTeX didn’t install the font into system (This time I installed with homebrew cask.)


locate fontawesome.sty in system. It can be found in error message.

In my case it is in:

Mactex brew

replace the “2018” with the version you have.

Then edit the file with root permission from:


Mactex Brew

Again, remember to replace the “2018” with the version you have.


Mactex brewery

Brew Mactex-no-gui

Mactex Brew