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Gvim Color Scheme

This typically indicates that TERM is not set properly. I assume you use, bash, and the default 10.5 or 10.6 ssh. This should automatically get you a 16-color terminal. In vim on the Centos box, what do you get when you run: ':set t_Co?' What about ':set term?' Try setting t_Co to be 8 (it will use bold to simulate 16, which you can configure in's settings): ':set t_Co=8'.

In order to make Nvim colorscheme work well inside Tmux, you need to add these settings to your.tmux.conf file 2: set -g default-terminal 'screen-256color' # tell Tmux that outside terminal supports true color set -ga terminal-overrides ',xterm-256color.:Tc'.

Ensure of course that you have a color scheme and syntax file set: ':set ft?' to determine if the filetype was identified correctly, and ':color koehler' should work on a low-color terminal.

Mac Vim Color Schemes

If you were to use iTerm2 you would be able to have 256 colors, but that probably involves a bit more setup than the simple case listed above.

Honestly, I like Apple's better as well, but if I'm doing a lot of work in vim from the mac (normally I'm on a linux box), I like to have my color scheme (requires 256 color support) and mouse support. If Apple would just add those to, I don't think I'd ever use iTerm:). ' The Terminal app supports (at least) 16 colors ' So you can have the eight dark colors and the eight light colors ' the plain colors, using these settings, are the same as the light ones ' NOTE: You will need to replace ^ with a raw Escape character, which you. The next time you access a non-txt file with vim, you will notice highlighted text. Echo 'syntax on' /.vimrc Method 2: Another method, one that I personally use/used, is by installing 'vim -override-system-vim'. First run vim -version in the terminal. Notice the +(s) and -(s) and keep it in mind, maybe even take a picture. I’m working with the Vim 7.2 that comes with Mac OS 10.6.1 (Leopard), using the Mac’s “Terminal” app. I’d like to use a fancy color scheme. I did this:syntax on Then this:colorscheme slate:colorscheme elflord:colorscheme desert etc.

I typed vim instead of vi. That was it. We aparently have more than one version of vi and one worked and the other did not. Thanks for your efforts. BTW - I downloaded iterm2 and tried it out and I think I like the normal Terminal better.

Install Vim Colorscheme Mac

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