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Citrix doesn't have a receiver that supports Mac Mojave or 10.14. If you are using Mac and Citrix receiver, then suggestion is, do not upgrade the OS, until Citrix releases a new version that supports Mojave. Go tddo you Applicatins folder. Open Citrix Workspace. If you don't have an account, don't add one when prompted. At the top right, click on Menu. This will show Preferences which you should select. In the middle of the preferences pane, you can see Mic & Webcam. Select it and make sure its turned on at all times. Quit Citrix Workspace. Setting up your Mac to log on to HQDA Citrix STEP 1 –Ensure your system is updated to the latest software (currently Mac OS X 10.6.6 and Safari 5.0.3) Steps 1-5 are for making your CAC function on your Mac and only work on Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.X), if you have an earlier. With the advent of Apple’s latest operating systems, and Safari version 12, new security procedures have been implemented by Apple that need to be changed in order to open many Citrix applications in Please note: Although it may work with 10.14, the Citrix Workspace application should be used with Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina or later.

TIP: Many StreetSmart Edge® menu items are available by right-clicking in the software. To right-click using a single-button Mac mouse, press and hold the CTRL button when you click. There may be additional methods found in the preferences of the device you use (Trackpad, Mighty Mouse, laptop touch pad, etc.).

1. Log in to and go to the Trade tab. Click Launch StreetSmart Edge.

2. In the next screen, click the Install button.

3. Download CitrixReceiver.dmg. In Safari, the download will begin automatically. In Firefox, choose Save File and click OK.

A note for users running Mac OS X 10.5 or below:
The installer you will be downloading will be called CitrixReceiver11_2.dmg instead of CitrixReceiver.dmg. This is due to changes in Mac OS X from 10.6 onward. You will be installing an older version of the Citrix receiver which supports your version of Mac OS X. Your system specifications will be automatically detected and the correct version of the Citrix receiver will be downloaded.

Mac os citrix receiver

Mac Os Citrix Receiver Keyboard Layout

4. Double-click on the downloaded file CitrixReceiver.dmg to begin the installation.

5. Click the Citrix Receiver window to bring it to the front, and then click Install Citrix Receiver.pkg.

Uninstall citrix receiver macMac Os CitrixMac Os Citrix

6. Click Continue in the pop-up to allow the software to install.

7. Click Continue again to begin the installation.

8. Click Continue to view and agree to the Citrix License Agreement.

Citrix Receiver Download

9. Click Agree to continue with installation.

10. Click Install to finally begin the installation.

11. Enter the Name and Password of the Macintosh administrator and click OK.

12. When the installation completes, click Close.

13. Close the Citrix Receiver window.

14. Close the Downloads window.

Mac Os Citrix Multiple Monitors

15. In the Citrix XenApp Log On screen, click the Log On button to continue. The Logon Type will always be Anonymous. No log on credentials are needed.

16. Click the StreetSmart Edge icon to launch.

Mac Os Citrix Receiver

Uninstall citrix receiver mac

Mac Os Citrix Receiver Not Launching

17. Log in to StreetSmart Edge

Mac Os Citrix Receiver

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