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This article is a summary of every relevant Render-Engine, which is compatible with the current Blender Version. May 05, 2019 Switching to LuxCore After you have installed the addon, switch the render engine in the info panel on the top to 'LuxCore'. If you now press F12 or hit the render or animation buttons, the BlendLuxCore addon will create a LuxCore session and convert the Blender objects, camera, lights etc. To a LuxCore scene and start to render it. Just found time to make a little interior archviz Bench comparison between Luxcore 2.4 and Cycles 2.82a.The test scene was made artificially hard to put pres. LuxCore Add-on freezes Blender on MacOS when switching to GPU Compute. #625 opened Jan 29, 2021 by anshulpatria.

If we could go back in time a couple of years to take a look at the options available to render architectural projects with Blender, we would see a completely different line up of choices. Until the release of Cycles with Blender 2.61 at the end of 2011, we had to use YafaRay or LuxRender to stay in the opensource field.

A showcase of what LuxCoreRender users have been able to achieve. A special thanks goes to their passionate work and awesome skills.

Nowadays, you don’t see many more projects rendered with YafaRay, and LuxRender changed a lot, and today has the name of Luxcore. From both options, we always had the perception that LuxRender produced much better light results back there, and the same applies to Luxcore.


One aspect of LuxRender at the time was the long render times required to get a noise-free image. It appears that Luxcore changed that, and it is on the same level of Cycles.

Luxcore Blender

How fast is it? The guys from DRAVIA. STUDIO created a quick video comparing a rendering between Luxcore and Cycles.

The results are impressive and show Luxcore beating Cycles for that scene.

With Luxcore, you have an incredible set of features to simulate accurate light behavior, but it lacks a lot of features from Cycles.

Should you use Luxcore for architecture? It is a viable option, but Cycles is still the most convenient way to render realistic images for architecture with Blender.

But, it doesn’t hurt to try it to see how Luxcore performs with a couple of scenes. It is free and opensource.

Using Blender for architecture

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Luxcore Blender

Luxcore Blender Not Installing

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