Lithium Atom

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  2. Lithium Atom Structure

I Am a Lithium Atom

  1. The lithiumatom has a closed n=1 shell with two electrons and then one electron outside. Since the outer electron looks inward at just one net positive charge, it could be expected to have energy levels close to those of hydrogen.
  2. Atomic Makeup of Lithium.
  3. Lithium was discovered in the mineral petalite (LiAl (Si 2 O 5) 2) by Johann August Arfvedson in 1817. It was first isolated by William Thomas Brande and Sir Humphrey Davy through the electrolysis of lithium oxide (Li 2 O). Today, larger amounts of the metal are obtained through the.
Lithium atom model

Always on the verge of instability, unreliability
my isotopes embrace energetically although it is with low
bindability. No wonder I can’t keep a man

Litium adalah suatu unsur kimia dalam tabel periodik yang memiliki lambang Li dan nomor atom 3. Istilah tersebut berasal dari bahasa Yunani: λίθος lithos, yang berarti 'batu'.Ini adalah logam alkali lunak berwarna putih keperakan. Di bawah kondisi standar, ini adalah logam paling ringan sekaligus unsur padat yang paling ringan.Seperti semua logam alkali, litium sangat reaktif dan mudah. Lithium is a silver-colored element that also includes three protons and three electrons. The number of protons and electrons in any given element is the same as its atomic number. The number of neutrons in an element can be found by subtracting the number of protons from the rounded atomic mass of the element.

forever. They hover around me like my electrons
hitching a fast ride to the furthest flight out.
They play the shell game with my unstable heart.

On a good day, c’mon I look like polished chrome, prettier
than a shiny new dollar, a platinum doll. Take my breath
away? I’ll snarl into a tarnished lump of ‘you’ll wish you hadn’t.’


But, oh, can I be soothing, like a salted pool on weary shoulders
I can calm the swings of a raging child, slow the wings of spiraling
men, but no I won’t float on water for you. I’m not f’n Christ.

Lithium atom protons neutrons electrons

Lithium Atom Picture

I’ll explode instead. Scatter like dice. Quick to flare up
hotter than a headache. You just can’t tame lithium’s flame
an Aries for sure. Irish to boot. I’ll burn after fractionation.

Lithium Atom Structure

Touch me? You’ll corrode, I suppose that’s a sight
my rusting brow on your pillow. I’m happiest in the shower
or the oven, a cheap date, like good old-fashioned Pyrex. Safe as glass.

I’m abundant, a girl like me, easy to find, popular on this planet.
Out there? Stars tend to like me at least for a few days or light years
always end up kicking me out. Destructive to their very souls.

Who me? I’m just a lonely lithium atom with three buzzing electrons
shells as barren as empty jam jars. Seal me securely in any one
not with petroleum jelly, raspberry please? Let me flicker
on the big blue sea, calm my salty perspective, munch on brine.

*A poet friend of mine, Michelle Holland, and I have an ongoing poetry workshop which ebbs and flows and has been regularly active since COVID. A recent prompt was to use Google Earth and go anywhere in the world and write from/about that place. But I had three characters on my mind, relentless, and wondered which atom had three electrons because that is how I felt those days, like three electrons were circling my proton. Discovering that it is lithium that has three, I decided not to go out somewhere on the Earth, but to dive into something at the molecular, metaphoric level, and write from/about that place. Welcome to lithium, have fun!

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