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In 2021, the main trends in the automotive industry will change. A large number of cars with hybrid power plants can be expected from the USA and these will not only be classic sedans, but also powerful SUVs of different sizes. Europe, given its changes in environmental legislation, will rely on electric cars. The expectations of experts from electric vehicles and advanced hybrid models are especially great. Germany, France and Sweden will become leaders in this area. Asian manufacturers will also not be left out, but they can only be expected to increase the influence of electronics and records on fuel economy.

This year a significant increase in SUV sales is expected due to the economic feasibility of their purchase and a high level of safety for the driver, passengers and pedestrians. Experts also predict an increase in the share of small SUVs and super compact sedans that facilitate use in dense urban traffic. Cars are gradually turning into a universal vehicle. We wish you a successful purchase of a new car in 2021.

The yellow raging bull on its black shield is a badge most known for its place on high-performance coupes and convertibles, such as the Aventador and the Huracan, but how suited is it to a Lambo SUV? The automaker has had some experience with building a sport utility vehicle in the past with the LM 002, or Lamborghini Truck, around 35 years ago, and more recently, with the Urus, a true Lamborghini 4-door crossover SUV. The older LM 002 didn’t prove as popular as the latest car, which ended up becoming the automaker’s best-selling nameplate for 2019, making up more than half of the year’s total sales.

Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Celebrating its public premiere after it was unveiled last summer, the Essenza SCV12 is a track-only supercar that traces its roots back to the Miura Jota and Diablo GTR. The Lamborghini Urus is an SUV manufactured by Italian automobile manufacturer Lamborghini. It was unveiled on 4 December 2017 and was put on the market for the 2018 model year. 3 The name comes from the Urus, the ancestor of modern domestic cattle, also known as the aurochs. But it's Rocket League's latest crossover that may be its fanciest yet, as the vehicle-based esports game partners with Lamborghini. Starting April 21, Rocket League players will be able to.

Lamborghini’s New SUV


Making its debut into the US market in 2019 as the famed automaker’s contribution to high-powered crossovers, the Urus provides a fresh take on powerful, luxury family haulers. Inside the Lamborghini SUV you’ll find possibly the most beautiful cabin design thus far from the manufacturer, where a mid-sized family would be comfortably accommodated. Striking in appearance, especially hued in stand-out colors like Giallo Auge or Arancia Borealis - bright yellow or orange to the man on the street - the question remains, can you justify the immense cost of the Lamborghini SUV?

Lamborghini SUV Price and Specifications

$207,326 is the MSRP of the Lamborghini SUV. Specs and features include the following:

  • Powertrain and performance: A twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine does duty here, it cedes its outputs through an eight-speed automatic shifter to an all-wheel-drive setup as standard. The system is geared with an auto-leveling pneumatic suspension with gradient and veer sensors and even pliable dampers. With its red-hot outputs of 641 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of twisting force, the 0 to 60 mph dash is completed within the mid-three-second range, that’s just a quickly as the Huracan Spyder. It is, in fact, one of the fastest ultra-luxury SUVs around with only the Bentley Bentayga Speed beating it; neither is quite as fast as the Aventador SVJ coupe, however.
  • Gas mileage: Though it’s not considered a very green car in the sense that it guzzles fuel tremendously, that’s not the image the brand is really concerned with anyway. In fact, with estimates of 12/17/14 mpg returned from the EPA, it’s less fuel-efficient than even the Huracan Evo.
  • Drive and handling: While the intense focus on performance may insinuate a compromise in ride quality and utility, the cruiser is actually luxuriously comfortable on the road and rather capable off-road. Its air-spring suspension is dynamic and keeps it both agile and composed, whether roasting tar around corners or traversing bumps and undulations. It rides 9.8-inches from the ground and is also equipped with a self-locking center- and a torque-vectoring rear differential. All of these combined, have it confidently tackle some dirt roads and broken pavement.
  • Interior: Leather or Alcantara is available in a unicolor, Sportivo, or Elegante color scheme, with the palette and contrast stitching selection being extensive. Even the helm, floor mats, dashboard, and door consoles are individually customizable, not forgetting the seatbelts, which are optional in either all black, white, or brown. The comprehensive LIS infotainment suite is stock-fitted and is inclusive of functionality.
  • Power - 641 hp
  • Torque - 627 lb-ft
  • 0-60 mph - 3.6 seconds
  • Starting MSRP - $207,326

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Supercar-like and exhilarating straight-line acceleration
  • It’s actually surprisingly adroit off-road
  • Novel and attractive exterior and interior styling
  • Highly configurable and customizable
  • Lamborghini is experienced in sport-utility vehicles


  • Expensive pricing for the legendary brand name
  • It’s smaller on the inside than its large exterior suggests
  • The sporty construction severely hinders rearward visibility
  • Its twin-turbo V8 guzzles gas

FAQs about Lamborghini SUVs

What standard features does the Lamborghini SUV come with?

As in our 2020 review, buyers may expect to find a consignment comprising electronic LED headlights, keyless entry with push-button ignition, multi-directional power-operated front seats, and quad-zone automatic temperature settings just to name a few.

How safe is the Lamborghini SUV?

The Urus hasn’t been evaluated for its crashworthiness by either the NHTSA or the IIHS, it does, however, come reasonably well-equipped with driver-assistance technologies. Plus, it also shares its underpinnings with the Audi RS Q8 which was given a Top Safety Pick designation from the IIHS for both the 2019 and 2020 model years.

Lamborghini Crossover For Sale

Lamborghini crossover

Is the Lamborghini SUV practical enough for daily drivability?

Lamborghini Crossover Interior

The family-friendly Lambo is configured to accommodate up to five passengers, though it’s not all blue skies, as the overall cabin room is on the tighter side. There’s plenty of storage solutions in an otherwise plush cabin, however, and 21.7 cubic feet of cargo room at the back which should offer plenty of everyday practicality.
Lamborghini Crossover

Lamborghini Crossover

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