Knives Out Movie Review

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Director Rian Johnson and his stellar cast are clearly having a blast, and that mix of comedy and mystery makes this whodunit a genuine crowd-pleaser.
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Knives Out Movie Review Showtimes

By Justin Chang Film Critic Nov. 22, 2019 8 AM PT The lies begin piling up early in “Knives Out,” Rian Johnson’s magnificently crafted tale of murder and mayhem. Someone has slit the throat of.

Where To Watch Knives Out

When you purchase a ticket for an independently reviewed film through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. A sleek game of cat and mouse, “Knives Out” begins the hunt with a mysterious pool. Watch Knives Out (2019): Online When Renowned Crime Novelist Harlan Thrombey Is Found Dead At His Estate Just After His 85th Birthday, The. Not only does Knives Out encase truly magnificent performances by incredible actors either well-known or those who are just starting out, but it also has a gripping story that hooks you right from the start. Knives Out has a terrific group of actors. This was an ensemble movie, that’s for sure. However, there were a few standouts.