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For various reasons, we need to connect kindle to Mac. But the most common problem when you are trying to connect kindle to your Mac OS is that MacOS won’t show kindle in the finder. Here I will guide you through how to connect kindle to Mac, and share some solutions that when kindle is not showing up on Mac.

Part 1. How to Connect Kindle to Mac OS

Tool Required: Use Epubor Kindle DRM Removal for Mac to remove Kindle DRM on Mac computer. Q: Where are my kindle books stored on Mac catalina? A: The location for kindle books on Mac catalina is the same as the other Mac version. Q: Can I change the location of Kindle books on Mac? A: Sure, you can choose where to store your downloaded kindle books on Mac. Run Kindle for Mac, Click on “Kindle”-Preference-General.

Step 1. Plug the USB cable into an empty port on your Mac. The Kindle icon appears on your MAC desktop.

Kindle for Mac (Mac), free and safe download. Kindle for Mac latest version: An amazing tool for readers! Kindle for Mac is one of the most popular e-readers, which lets you read and sync the. Here is the best way to convert Kindle to PDF on Mac (macOS 10.14) or Windows. And also, you can get the best free online Kindle to PDF converter here. If you need a rollback of Kindle for Mac, check out the app's version history on Uptodown. It includes all the file versions available to download off Uptodown for that app. Download rollbacks of Kindle for Mac for Mac. Any version of Kindle for Mac distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost.

Step 2. To transfer files to Kindle device, you can drag content to the kindle. For more ways to transfer kindle file to Mac, please read 3 Best Ways to Send Books to Kindle from Mac.

Step 3. To disconnect kindle to Mac, just right click the Kindle icon, and then choose 'Eject Kindle'. After disconnected kindle from your Mac, its icon will not showing on your Mac desktop anymore.

If you are using newer app, you may only find Type-C port but not the regular USB-A.

Then in this way, you'll need USB-C to USB Adapter to connect your Kindle to Mac.

Part 2. Troubleshooting: Kindle not Showing up on Mac

I have connected kindle PaperWhite to my Mac via USB, but the Kindle is not showing in Finder.
I can't connect my kindle with an USB cable to my Mac. The Kindle doesn't appear as a device. Chargeing works, but just that. Anybody with the same problem?

Solution : Change the usb cable to kindle original USB cable.

Do you know that there are two kinds of micro USB cable?

♦ Regular or data cables, which can be used for transferring data and charging.

♦ Charge-only cables, which use only to provide just power.

Kindle seems to require specific cables for data transfer. Sometimes, the cable you use maybe enough to charge the device, but not for it to appear in Finder. That's why you need to use the original kindle usb cable because it is data cable.

Part 3. Pro Tip: How to Connect Kindle Fire to Mac OS

I can't connect my Kindle Fire 7, just got it yesterday, to my Mac computer. Mac does not recognize it. I want to transfer some stuff from Mac to Kindle. Any ideas?

Connect your Kindle Fire to Mac computer will need the help with Android File Transfer.

Step 1. Download and install Android File Transfer to your Mac.

Step 2. Connect your Kindle fire to Mac with USB cable. Run Android file transfer and you'll connect your kindle fire to Mac successfully.

Note: If you've set a lock screen passwords for your Kindle fire, you may need to unlock your device before it can be opened on your computer.

Not you can connect your kindle or kindle fire to your Mac for file transfer.

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In order to help Kindle app owners offset the cost of purchasing the Kindle reader, Amazon charges a discounted price for the Kindle version of a book. It’s only natural for a Mac user to wish to take advantage of the discounts on Kindle editions of books without the necessity to purchase a Kindle reader. But such a wish isn’t pie in the sky, as there are actually a number of well-grounded methods of reading kindle books on macOS 10.14. This article covers 3 easy procedures for reading kindle books on macOS 10.14.

3 Ways to Read Kindle Books on macOS 10.14

The lure of switching to Kindle books is quite inviting for obvious reasons. For one, Amazon looks to ensure that the ownership of a Kindle device pays the owner in the long run by charging less for Kindle copies of books. It’s no surprise that many Mac users eyeing Kindle books would love to side-step the inconvenience of having to read Kindle copies only on a Kindle reader. However, Amazon has chosen to allow for flexible ways to read Kindle copies. Kindle copies can now be read on a wide range of devices, including Android, iOS and Mac OS devices. The following is a rundown of three easy ways to read kindle books on macOS 10.14.

1. Using The Free Kindle App for Mac

This free kindle app for macOS 10.14 is Amazon’s official response to the demands for a wider access to kindle books. The app comes with a versatile interoperability that allows readers to read Kindle books on different devices including PCs and Macs by using the app. This interoperability feature also allows users to sync reading sessions, so that every page progress made reflects on any device on which the Kindle ebook is opened.

To download the Kindle app for Mac OS 10.14:

  • Visit, and then click on the 'Kindle menu' on the left-hand side of the screen. Locate the 'Free Kindle Reading Apps' on the menu, and then follow the prompts on how to download the Kindle app for Mac. Finally, click the 'Download Now' button after following the prompt to select some download options.
  • After downloading the app and then Finder detects the app in its window, you can then proceed to create a shortcut for launching the app by dragging and dropping the Kindle app into the shortcut for Applications folder.
  • Launch the app, and then log in with your Amazon account credentials. The app will then sync automatically with your Amazon account, allowing you to access and open all the books in your account’s ebook library on your Mac.

2. Using PDFelement:

You can convert the Kindle files to other widely used file formats such as PDF, in order to make it easier to read the Kindle book on a wide range of devices. PDFelement offers you tools for not only reading PDF files, but for editing them and converting them to other formats as well.

To enable Kindle reading app for Mac using PDFelement,

  • First, download the kindle books to macOS 10.14 by opening the Kindle for Mac app and then bringing up your ebook library, and then right-clicking the chosen book to reveal the 'Download' option for the book, and then clicking on the 'Download' button to download the file to local storage.
Kindle on microsoft
  • You can also transfer a Kindle book from your Kindle device to your Mac using a USB cable.
  • Download and install the Epubor Ultimate on Mac app. This app is a powerful converter that removes the DRM restrictions on Kindle files and converts Kindle file formats like AZW3 and Mobi into PDF and other file formats. It also comes with tools for editing ebook metadata.
  • Open the Epubor app, and then drag and drop the select Kindle book in the open window of the app. Alternatively, you can select a book from the imported ebook library available on the left-side of the open Epubor window by highlighting the select book and clicking the 'Add' button. The app automatically syncs up your Kindle app’s ebook library once it is up and running. Once you’ve loaded the file to be converted on the app, the app will automatically remove any DRM restriction on the file.
  • Next, select 'PDF' as the desired output format, and then tap the 'Convert button'. Within a very brief moment, you’ll find the select Kindle ebook available in PDF format on the open Epubor app window. Save the PDF copy of the Kindle ebook on your local storage.
  • To read the PDF file, open PDFelement (You can download a free copy now if you don’t have one yet), and then click on the 'Open File' button at the bottom right corner of the app’s home screen. Choose the converted Kindle book from the list of books that pops up. Alternately, you can drag and drop the select PDF file on the home screen of the app to open the file.

3. Using Adobe Digital Editions

Another easy way to read Kindle books on Mac OS 10.14 is by converting a Kindle book to PDF format and then reading it on Adobe Digital Editions. Simply follow the steps outlined in the description of the previous procedure on how to download kindle books to macOS 10.14, and then decrypt the select books and then convert them to PDF files. Once you’ve effectuated all these steps:

  • Open the Adobe Digital Editions for Mac (you can download and install one for free by visiting the official Adobe Digital Edition download page).
  • Load up the select PDF file on the open Adobe app by dragging and dropping the file in the app’s open window. Once the book is loaded, right click the book, and then select 'read' from the drop down list of options.

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