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Catalina is the first version of macOS to exclusively support 64-bit applications. Kindle for Mac 1.23 no longer runs at all on MacOS 10.15 Catalina since it is 32bits application.

Update Kindle Software

Kindle app for mac

Can I still remove Kindle DRM on Mac Catalina or Big Sur? This is the most frequently asked questions for Mac users.

The file must be in the top level folder, so if your computer mounts the Kindle as the F drive, the path to the coped update package should be F: updatekindleversion number.bin Once the file is placed in the root directory of your Kindle device, right-click on the Kindle’s drive and choose Eject to unmount it from your system. If you want to Download Kindle App For PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP or Mac), visit Offered by website link on this page.

  • To enable Kindle reading app for Mac using PDFelement, First, download the kindle books to macOS 10.14 by opening the Kindle for Mac app and then bringing up your ebook library, and then right-clicking the chosen book to reveal the 'Download' option for the book, and then clicking on the 'Download' button to download the file to local storage.
  • Download Amazon Kindle for Mac to read and buy Kindle books on your Mac.
  • Sync and Manage Kindle Content. Download Books to Your Kindle App: Enable Whispersync for Kindle Books: Kindle Books Aren't Showing in Your Library: Turn on Whispersync for Your Android Kindle App: Sync Your Desktop Kindle App: Turn On Whispersync for Your iOS Kindle App: Sync Your Mobile Kindle App.

Yes, you can. And in this article I will share the easiest way to remove Kindle drm on Mac Catalina and Big Sur.

There are two ways to remove kindle drm on mac Catalina or later version which is divided by Kindle holder and non-kindle user.

1 If you have kindle eink devices, please use download & transfer via usb to get kindle books for drm removing.

2 If you don't have kindle eink devices, just disable kindle kfx format on the latest kindle for mac.

Remove Kindle DRM Mac Catalina(Download & Transfer via USB)

Do you have any Kindle eink device? If yes, then this method will work for you.

If you don't have kindle eink device, please patch your kindle for mac to remove Kindle drm on Mac Catalina.

To use this method, please ensure:

You have a kindle e-ink device that registered with your Amazon Account. If you have this kindle eink device at your hand, that would be great. If it is not nearby, please also don't worry. We just need to find its kindle serial number on the Amazon website. Finding kindle serial number will be described in the following part.

Kindle For Mac Download Free

Step 1 Go to your Manage your Content and Devices on Amazon website. Under 'Content' tab, you can see all your kindle ebooks (purchased and borrowed) .

Step 2 Download Kindle books to your computer at first.

Click the 'Action' bottom besides the books title, then choose 'Download &Transfer via USB'.

Step 3 Choose your registered Kindle e-ink device in your pop-up window, then click on 'Download'

Your kindle books will be downloaded to your Mac.

Step 4 Remove Kindle DRM on Mac Catalina with Epubor Ultimate.

Kindle For Mac Updates

1Download and install Epubor Ultimate, the best kindle drm removal and ebook format converter.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free trial now

2Plugin your Kindle device to your Mac Catalina.

If your Kindle e-ink device is not in your hand right now, you need to go to the to find your Kindle serial Number and then go to User center>> Setting>>Kindle>>fill in the kindle serial number.

Kindle For Mac Update

Pro tip: the easiest way to find kindle serial number on Amazon website

1. Go to 'Device' tab under 'Manage your Content and Devices', you'll see all your registered kindle device and app. Just click the kindle eink device you selected in the previous step and then click on the Kindle name.

2. Find the Kindle serial number in the kindle device details.

3Just drag and drop the kindle ebooks from your computer to the main interface of Epubor Ultimate. You can get rid of kindle drm easily as the below picture.

To find the drm-free kindle books, just click the output folder icon on the bottom-right corner. Only few steps, you can strip Kindle drm on Mac catalina. It can be called the ultimate way to remove kindle drm on mac Catalina.

Remove Kindle DRM without Downgrading Kindle for MAC

Since there is no way to revert kindle for Mac to 1.23 on Mac Catalina or Big Sur, is there any way to remove kindle drm from Kindle for Mac 1.30? Yes, with some command excuting, you can also remove Kindle DRM on Mac Catalina and Big Sur.

1. Open your terminal, copy& paste the following command, and then click enter.

chmod -x /Applications/

If the chmod command fails with a permission error try again using sudo.

sudo chmod -x /Applications/

Then fill in the computer passwords, and press 'Enter'. This chmod command will help you avoid the kindle kfx downloading from kindle for mac 1.30.

2. Then remove your previous downloaded kindle books and then right click the book cover to download them again and run Epubor Ultimate to remove kindle DRM.

For the detailed steps, you can read Patch Kindle for Mac on Mac Catalina

Final Words

1With Epubor Ultimate, you can remove kindle drm and convert kindle books to epub/pdf/azw3/mobi/txt.

2You don't have to downgrade kindle for mac to older version any more. Just download Kindle books via 'Download & Transfer via USB'.

3Epubor Ultimate works both on windows and mac so that you can use this method to remove kindle drm on windows 10/7/8.

4Certainly, there are other methods of removing kindle drm on mac Catalina, such as use the command to stop kindle executing the render-test function published by Odamizu. However, if you have no kindle eink devices, follow this guide path your kindle for Mac for removing Kindle drm on Mac Catalina.

5Kindle Fire is not Kindle e-Ink device. Kindle eink devices here are referring to the devices with eink screen, such as kindle paperwhite, kindle oasis.

6The trial version of Epubor Ultimate only convert 20% content of each and the decrypted kindle books will be in txt format. But the licensed version will enable you to obtain the whole content in its original format and quality.

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