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Do you need to transfer files between your Android phone and PC, but do not know how to accomplish the task? Well, you can achieve this with the assistance of a PC suite for Android. There are various Android PC suites available, but not all are best suited for your Android smartphone. Thus you need to find the one that suits your needs best. In this article, you will learn more about the best Android PC suites.

  1. Samsung Kies Pc Suite For Windows 10
  2. Samsung C3322 Kies Pc Suite
  3. Samsung Gt C3530 Kies Pc Suite

What is Android PC Suite?

Before discussing more about these Android suites, you need to know what Android PC suite is first. Well, An Android PC suite is Windows-based PC software that is intended to transfer data between your phone and PC.

Why do You Need Android PC Suite?

How To Samsung kies pc suite How To Samsung kies update pc suite. Category Education; Show more Show less. Kies keeps your device firmware updated whenever you connect, and includes personal information management software to help manage private data such as contacts brought over through Microsoft. Samsung Kies is the official software for synchronising data between a PC and your Samsung mobile device. It is the must-have program if you want to fully enjoy the attributes of your Samsung tablets and smartphones. Using Samsung Kies, you can transfer music, photos, videos and other documents from your PC to the smartphone and vice versa.

Samsung Messages Backup. Let's start with Samsung Messages Backup. This Samsung PC suite.

The Android PC suite is essential because it allows users to back up videos, pictures, as well as vital documents. The application can also be utilized to sync your PC and phone calendars, install apps on your phone, add or edit contacts, as well as send SMS directly from your PC.

Part 1: Top 10 Android PC Suite
Part 2: Android PC Suite Comparison

Part 1: Top 10 Android PC Suite

In this part, you will learn the best 10 Android PC Suite for Mac or Windows PC. See a free list of tools here:

Top #1: Coolmuster Android Assistant
Top #2: Mobiledit
Top #3: AirDroid
Top #4: Moboroho
Top #5: Droid Explorer
Top #6: Web PC Suite
Top #7: Mobogenie
Top #8: 91 PC Suite
Top #9: SnapPea
Top #10: Samsung SideSync

Top #1: Coolmuster Android Assistant

1.1 Introduction

The Coolmuster Android Assistant for Windows PC (or Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac) is a unique tool that can accomplish various types of needs. As an Android PC Suite for Mac and Windows PC, it allows you to share multiple files such as text messages, contacts, music, videos, photos, call logs, etc. between your PC/Mac and Android phone.

1.2 Features

* It backs up and restores entire data in your device and retains 100% quality of the content transferred.
* It easily transfers photos, contacts, text messages, videos, call logs, videos, etc. between your Android device and PC.
* You can add, delete, or even edit contacts directly from your computer.
* It enables users to send and reply SMS directly from their PCs.
* It can install as well as uninstall applications from PC.
* It is fully compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e, HTC U11+/U11, Sony Xperia XZ Premium/XZ1, Xiaomi 9/9 SE, HUAWEI Mate X/Mate 20, LG G7/G6+ and more.

1.3 Pros & Cons


* It allows you to manage applications on your phone.
* It manages documents and media files on Android device.
* Manage data on your phone with a single click.
* It is secure and easy to use.
* It is compatible with all Android smartphones.


* The free version doesn't have all the features.

Top #2: Mobiledit

2.1 Introduction

The Mobiledit is another valuable PC suite program that provides several things such as syncing your music pips. It even provides a wireless transfer of documents.

2.2 Pros & Cons


* It has an intuitive design and friendly user interface that makes it easy to use.
* It allows you to sort and delete duplicates from your contact list.
* It enables you to transfer files between two Android devices.
* It includes an automatic backup system to safeguard your data.
* It allows you to send, search, print, and archive text messages.


* Some of its features fail to work at times.

Top #3: AirDroid

3.1 Introduction

It is a useful Android PC suite for Windows that helps users to transfer documents from their Android phones to PC and vice versa wirelessly. With this app, you can send text messages from your computer and also access all phone files from the computer as well.

Kies Pc Suite

3.2 Pros & Cons


* The application can access all files at a single place in your computer.
* It can send messages.
* It can easily manage videos, text messages, and audio.


* It fails to merge contacts.
* It cannot synchronize contacts.

Top #4: Moboroho

4.1 Introduction

MoboRoho is yet another PC suite for Android devices. The application allows you to manage contacts and files for not only Android devices but also iPhones and iPads.

4.2 Pros & Cons


* It allows you to manage and view contacts on your Android phone.
* It enables you to download applications on your phone while connected to PC. This will allow you to save mobile data significantly.
* It organizes everything on your phone.
* It can be used as a data backup.


* It still lacks some basic features.

Top #5: Droid Explorer

5.1 Introduction

This application is quite useful in layout. It provides wireless file transfer. Also, it allows you to perform a backup of text messages and phone call list.

5.2 Pros & Cons


* It includes wireless file transfer.
* It has a user-friendly interface.
* It allows you to edit contacts and easily manage files on your device.


* It lacks essential Android PC suite features contained in the new programs.

Top #6: Web PC Suite

6.1 Introduction

This software makes it straightforward to share files between PC and Android smartphones. It allows the sharing of various types of files such as videos and images. The good thing is that you can save the transferred files in the desired format. Also, the Web PC suite allows the sharing of data between devices that operate on different operating systems.

6.2 Pros & Cons


* It enables wireless transfer of files between Android gadgets and PCs.
* It operates on both iOS and Android devices.
* It improves easy management of various data such as music, videos, and photos.


* Managing the application via a browser may seem challenging to some users.

Top #7: Mobogenie

7.1 Introduction

Mobogenie is an excellent supportive app for Android users when it comes to transferring files. Besides, it can be used to update and download applications from the Google Play Store.

7.2 Pros & Cons


* It allows you to perform a backup of photos, contacts, and other documents.
* It will enable you to edit phone contacts as well as send SMS directly from your PC.
* You can edit the software of your rooted phone.


* It has limited features.

Top #8: 91 PC Suite

8.1 Introduction

91 PC suite has exceptional features. It comes with the capability of backing up your Android contacts, text messages, and several other documents.

8.2 Pros & Cons


* It manages backup files of your Android device efficiently.
* It has a friendly and straightforward user interface.


* It supports limited Android phones.

Top #9: SnapPea

9.1 Introduction

SnapPea is the best Android PC suite to use if you have been looking for software that includes all-in-one utility.

9.2 Pros & Cons

Samsung Kies Pc Suite For Windows 10


* Simple and easy user interface.
* It can read and reply to SMS.
* It can install and uninstall applications.



* It has incomplete device backup functionality.
* You cannot customize sites in the sidebar.

Top #10: Samsung SideSync

10.1 Introduction

If you want to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone, Samsung SideSync is the best application to use. The software is available in several versions, and it is best used on Samsung devices.

10.2 Pros & Cons


* It supports both Wi-Fi and USB connection.
* It backs up and restores your data in a single click.


* It does not allow the transfer of data between devices running different operating system.

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Part 2: Android PC Suite Comparison

دانلود samsung kies pc suite

With the assistance of a unique and detailed Android PC suite, you can build a successful connection and transfer files quickly between PC and Android phone. Having said that, Coolmuster Android Assistant has got everything you might be searching for in an Android PC suite. Therefore, depending on your requirements, always select the tool that best suits your needs.

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Samsung c3322 kies pc suite
This article is deprecated! Any technical information contained herein likely refers to software versions that are now obsolete. Please visit our new post on How to download Smart Switch Latest Samsung PC Suite for the updated post of this.

Samsung PC suite are convenient tools which helps in doing multiple tasks such as syncing contacts, Data, Multimedia files etc. Samsung PC suite are useful in updating the firmwares of the Samsung Devices. With slight difference in features and compatibility of the device Samsung is providing four types of PC suites names Samsung Kies, Samsung PC Studio, New PC Studio and Samsung Kies Air. Below are the features of these PC suites along with the system requirements.
Samsung Kies: Samsung Kies latest version is 2.3. However depending the phone you have you need to select compatible version of the Samsung Kies. Below are the some of the key features of Samsung Kies.

Key Features of Samsung Kies Mobile PC Suite

  • Connect your mobile without wire to the PC: One of the features added to latest Samsung Kies is connecting mobile to PC through WiFi and Sync between the two.
  • Mobile Firmware Updates: Whenever, the Samsung Mobile is connected to Kies either by USB or WiFi, Kies automatically notifies if any latest firmware available to the device.
  • Sync Contacts with Outlook or Google or Yahoo: This functionality provides more control over in syncing the contacts with outlook,Google or Yahoo. This also helps to add or edit the contacts in the convenient of PC.
  • Organize Music Files and Sync: With Samsung Kies, it is easier to organize the music playlist and sync them with the mobile.
  • Backup Photos and Videos from Mobile to PC: Samsung Kies provides easy ways to back up your precious photo and videos which are available on your mobile phone to PC.

System requirement to Install Samsung Kies on Windows based PC:

  • Compatible OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64bit are supported)
  • CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or above (recommended)
  • Minimum memory size (RAM):1.00GB (recommended)
  • Free hard drive space:At least 500MB (recommended)
  • Screen resolution:1024 x 768(600), 32 bit or above
  • Required software:Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or above, Windows Media Player 10 or above, DirectX 9.0C
  • * For Windows Mobile, ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Device Centre (Windows Vista/7)

Update: Samsung has release newer version of Kies. The latest Samsung PC suite is Kies 3.0. This is compatible with the devices running on Android 4.3 or later.
Samsung Kies for Mac Systems: Samsung Kies is available for Mac system too. The System requirements for installing Samsung Kies on Mac is given below.

  • OS:MacOS X version 10.5 or later
  • CPU:1.8GHz Intel or faster processor
  • Minimum memory size (RAM):512MB or more
  • Free hard drive space:At least 100MB (recommended)

Free download for Samsung Kies are available for both PC and Mac. For Download the latest Samsung Kies Click Here.
Samsung PC Studio 3: Samsung PC Studio is another tool with additional features to enhance the experience.
Key Features of Samsung PC Studio 3:
PC Studio Launcher: Provides the shortcut icons to start the PC studio applications
Phone Editor (Manage contacts and more):Allows you to view, edit and organize the personal information in your phone on your PC. Also lets your copy and move information between your phone and your PC.
Message Manager (Manage messages):View, edit and organize your phone messages on your PC. You can also send text messages or multimedia messages with this application when it is connected to the phone
PC Sync (Synchronize):Synchronize personal information data (names and contact information) in your phone. The programmes supported are Microsoft ® Outlook® and Outlook Express
Phone Explorer (Manage files):Manage multimedia files in your phone on your PC and to transfer files between your phone and PC
Networking Wizard (Manage Internet connections):Access the Internet using the connected Phone as a modem
MMS Composer (Compose Multiimedia messages):Make and edit multimedia using photos, movies, sounds and text. The messages can be saved or sent via the connected phone.
Multimedia Manager (Manage multiimedia files):Modify various media files (below) imported from your mobile phone, PC or CD and create a new one. This also has a play function.

  • Video – Import 3gp, 3g2, mpeg, mpg, mp4, avi, divx, asf, wmv. Convert to mp4, 3gp
  • Music – Import mp3, aac, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, m4a, mmf, midi, amr. Save as mp3, wav, amr, aac, m4a
  • Photo – Import jpeg, bmp, gif, png, wbmp, tif. Save as jpeg, bmp, png, gif
  • Multimedia Player (Play multimedia files)
  • Play multimedia files (compatible with your phone) such as movies and sounds.
  • Live Update – You can update your Samsung PC Studio to the latest version.
  • Live Update can be performed as follows.
  • Run Samsung PC Studio. In the Launcher window, select the Tools > Live Update menu. (Make sure the PC is connected to the internet.)
  • When the Welcome window appears, click the Start button.
  • The available programme update list appears. Click the Next button.
  • Save all unsaved tasks and close all PC Studio applications. Click the OK button to proceed to the update process.
  • When the update is done, click the Finish button to close Live Update. (In case the Live Update programme itself has been updated, click the Start button to repeat steps 3 to 5 for updating other components.)

Samsung C3322 Kies Pc Suite

System Requirements to install Samsung PC Studio 3:

  • Windows 2000 (with Service pack 4 or higher), Windows XP or Vista
  • At least 300 MB of free disk space
  • Connection with the phone must be through USB, IrDA or Bluetooth

Samsung PC Studio can be downloaded free from Samsung Support page Here..
New PC Studio:ew PC Studio is a program that helps you to use the data inside your PC and mobile phone better. New PC Studio allows users to manage not only the music, photos and videos in their PC but also the important personal information such as the phonebook, messages and schedules in their mobile phones by exporting them to PC.
System Requirements for installing Samsung PC Studio:

Samsung Gt C3530 Kies Pc Suite

  • One of the following ways is needed to connect the mobile phone to a PC.
  • USB cable and compatible port
  • Bluetooth device and software
  • One of the following programs must be installed to connect Bluetooth.
  • Microsoft Stack : Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
  • Widcomm Stack : SP5 or higher
  • Bluesoleil Stack : 1.6.0 or higher
  • Toshiba Stack : 3.0 or higher

Samsung New PC Studio(NPC) free download is available in the Samsung Support page.