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  • Kies air download for pc Samsung is not only used for updates. But you can also use the software mainly for storing and sharing photos with your pc. Share photos and videos from your mobile to your pc and send them to all your friends.
  • The kies is also known for transferring the photos videos and other memorable moments to the PC so that the data could be saved and secured.
  • Samsung Kies is a desktop sync software which helps you connect your Samsung mobile to your PC. It can be used to synchronized data between mobile and PC. This software also allows you to sync files over your home network with the wireless network.

8/10 (33 votes) - Download Kies air Android Free. Kies air will allow you to synchronize your Android device with your PC without cables. Share contents with your devices by means of Wi-Fi with Kies air. Kies air solves one of the problems that Android had been having. This was none other than.

Summary: We have found in many forum and community websites users asking help on how to connect Samsung Galaxy device to Kies via Wi-Fi. So, in this blog post I am going to share complete step-by-step guide that will help you to easily connect Samsung phone to Kies via Wi-Fi.

People usually connect Samsung Phones and tablets to computer with the help of USB cable to transfer media files. Many Samsung users connect their Samsung Galaxy phone via USB and use Kies to backup and restore files.

USB connection via data cable is the most common way to connect Samsung device to computer, but what if you don’t have USB cord or want to connect your Samsung to PC without USB. Well, in that case you can also connect Samsung phones to Kies via Wi-Fi.

For Example: Let Us Take Practical Scenario

How can I connect to Kies via WiFi?

Is there a way for my Note 4 to connect to Kies Via WiFi to my Mac Book? I couldn’t find the option under settings. I have updated to the latest 5.0.1 Lollipop.

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Coming back to the topic, here is the complete tutorial on how to connect Samsung phone to Kies through Wi-Fi. Just go through the steps.

First of all you have to download and install Kies on your computer.

Once, you have installed Kies on your computer. Next, follow the below steps to set-up Kies via Wi-Fi.

What is kies via wifi?

well, Samsung users are familiar with Samsung kies but still I would like to tell you that it is the app that can be used to connect Samsung phones or tablets and then manage its content.

The Samsung phone is easily managed from PC via kies desktop software but it will work only when a software is installed on computer along with USB cable. When you don’t have USB cable or if you avoid using it then Samsung Kies Air app is the solution.

1. Steps To Set-up Kies Via Wi-Fi

Connect your computer and Samsung phone to Home Wi-Fi.

Make sure Kies Tray Agent is running on your computer. In order to check, on your Windows PC, press CTRL + ALT + Delete and click on Task Manager. Now make sure that you can see KiesTrayAgent.exe is running. If KiesTrayAgent.exe is not running, then kindly restart your PC and try again.

Prepare Your Computer For Kies Through Wi-Fi

Kies Air App For Pc

I. Turn on Network Discovery on PC:

  • On your Windows PC go to Control Panel >Network and Internet > Network Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing.
  • As per your own setup, make sure the Wi-Fi network, either Public or Private that you are connected to, has the Turn ON Network Discovery selected.

II. Disable Internet Sharing:

  • In the Network and Sharing Center, click on Change adapter settings.
  • Right click on Wi-Fi adapter and then click on Properties.
  • In Wi-Fi Properties windows, click Sharing. Make sure that Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection checkbox is NOT selected.

III. Windows Firewall Exception Settings:

  • On your computer go to Control Panel > System and Security> Windows Firewall and then click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.
  • Next, click on Change Settings and then scroll down to Wireless Portable Devices. Now as per your own set-up check-mark Private or Public to allow this software to communicate through your PC firewall. Click on OK to close.

IV. Check Windows Services:

  • On your PC go to Control Panel >System and Security> Administrative Tools > Services.
  • Make sure that uPnP Device Host and SSDP Discovery services are running. If not then, right click on those services and select Start.
  • Also, verify that Internet Connection Sharing service is NOT running.

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2. Connect Samsung Phone To Kies via Wi-Fi

Kies air pc download

Follow the below steps to connect Samsung phone to Kies through Wi-Fi:

Step 1:Select Wireless Connection in Kies.

Run Kies on your computer. When you run the software on your PC, the main interface of the program will show you two options for connecting your phone. One is via USB cable and second is through Wireless connection. Select Wireless connection.

Step 2: Set-up Wi-Fi Connection on Samsung Phone

First of all make sure that your Samsung phone connects to same wireless network to which Samsung Kies is connected. Next, on your Samsung phone go to Settings > More Settings > Kies via Wi-Fi. Tap OK, if you are prompted with a warning message. On the Kies via Wi-Fi screen, tap on Scan Devices.

Once the phone successfully detects the computer, the name of the PC will appear on the phone screen. Tap on the PC name to initiate the connection.

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi connection request will pop-up on your computer. Next on your phone screen you will see the 4 digit passkey. Simply enter the same number in the request box on the computer.

Kies Air Pc

The device will soon get connected to Kies via Wi-Fi.

All Done!

Kies air 2.6 download for pc

Note: Different Samsung phone model may have different settings. Some device may not support the wireless connection via Wi-Fi at all. Transferring files via Wifi may be very slow.


So, from the above steps you may have noticed that connecting Samsung phone or tablet with Kies wirelessly is very easy. Though, unsuccessful connection may occur and you may have to try it several times to make successful connection.

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In the passage Samsung Kies: Manage Samsung Devices via Computer, we've mentioned two ways to connect Samsung phones to Kies: USB and Wi-Fi connection. The first method is very simple and I guess all of you know how to do it. So, this article aims at introducing how to connect Galaxy devices to Samsung Kies wirelessly. In the following part, we will illustrate some detail steps on bridging Android to computer via Wi-Fi.
  • Part 1. Connect Samsung Device to Kies(Only for Android 6.0 and earlier)
  • Part 2. Connect Samsung to PC with TunesGo (Supports all Android version)

Part 1: Connect Samsung Device to Kies(Only for Android 6.0 and earlier)

Kies Air Samsung For Pc Download

Step 1Select Wireless Connection in Kies
When you run the software in PC and enter the main interface, you will see two connection options. One is USB cable connection, the other is Wireless connection. Select the latter one.
Step 2Set Wi-Fi Connection on Samsung Device
Firstly, you should make your Galaxy phone connect to the same wireless network as that of Samsung Kies. Then, go to the 'Settings' > 'More Settings' > 'Kies via Wi-Fi' in your Samsung Galaxy.
When the device successfully detected the computer, the name of the PC will appear on the phone screen. A confirmation code will also show on the phone screen as soon as you choose the name of the computer.
Meanwhile, Wi-Fi connection request will pop up on your computer. Then enter the passkey shown on the handset in the request box on the computer, the device will soon connect to Kies. The whole process will take a bit longer since connection between device and Kies via Wi-Fi is not always successful.
Note: The function of transferring data from one Samsung Galaxy to another is not workable under wireless connection. If you want to figure out the reason, you can access to the tutorial on How to Transfer Data in between Samsung Devices.
Read up here, you may notice that bridge Galaxy device with Kies wirelessly is not complex. However, unsuccessful connection happens now and then, and I tried several times to make it work. To tackle this issue, you can check the Kies Help and find out the step-by-step solution or try to use the guide on part 2.

Part 2: Connect Samsung to PC with TunesGo(Support all Android version)

Kies can only support Android Marshmallow 6.0 or early version of Samsung to connect. But if you own a Samsung Galaxy S7/ S8/Note 8 with Android Oreo 8.0/7.0, you may fail to connect with the guide in part 1. Now, you are recommended to try TunesGo program, which allows users to connect Samsung to computer without any limits.
After you successfully connect Samsung to PC, you can now continue your task with TunesGo program:
1. Back up Android files to PC

Kies Air 2.6 Download For Pc

2. Manage files in Android such as import & export files directly from/to computer, send messages to several contacts at a time, download and convert video files, install and uninstall apps from/to Android and detect, merge or de-duplicate contacts.
3. Transfer data between Android and iPhone/iTunes/PC/Mac easily without data loss.
If you have any question about this article, please simply drop us a comment below!

Kies Air Pc

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