Jamie Lee Curtis Movie Knives Out

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Jamie Lee Curtis Movie Knives Out

8 Jamie Lee Curtis: Freaky Friday (2003) Knives Out isn’t the only film in which Jamie Lee Curtis plays a character who deals with family troubles. The actress also faced tension by playing a therapist and mother, Tess, in the Disney fan favorite Freaky Friday. Sean James gives us insight into the trademark short hair of the beautiful and sexy Jamie Lee Curtis. He is the hairstyle for Curtis for the upcoming Rian Johnson film, Knives Out, and her 2019 Golden Globes red carpet phenomenon. Jamie Lee Curtis Konfirmasi Seluruh Keluarga Thromby Tidak akan Muncul di Sekuel 'Knives Out' HAI-Online.com - Pemeran Linda Drysdale dalam film Kinves Out, Jamie Lee Curtis telah mengonfirmasi bahwa dirinya tidak akan muncul dalam sekuel yang akan datang.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that there are more Knives Out films coming!

Netflix is in the process of closing on a deal to bring a second and third movie in the franchise to life on the streaming service.

Director Rian Johnson will be back behind the camera for them both, as will star Daniel Craig.

However, not everyone from the first film is coming back.

Click inside to find out which original stars will be back for the 'Knives Out' sequels...

Jamie Lee Curtis Movie Knives Out

Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Lynda Drysdale, revealed that the Thromby family won't be in them at all.

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'To clear up any rumors, the Thromby family is in family counseling and the therapist suggested they stay away from Benoit Blanc in the future,' Jamie announced, and added that Linda 'was fine as she kicked her loafer wearing prick of a husband, sorry @donjohnson to the curb.'

The rest, she says, are 'hustling. Ransom is apparently in the knitting sweater business, a new skill he picked up in the slammer. Joni has some vaginal scented bath bomb, Walt is self publishing his memoir.'

Jamie Lee Curtis Movie Knives Out Cast

Jamie Lee Curtis Movie Knives Out

Jamie continued, 'NONE of us will be joining Mr. Blanc in Greece. As the family spokesperson we wish the filmmakers all our best in their new venture.'

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Knives Out is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.