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How to change your Windows 10 background to a Shazam Wallpaper?

It is very easy to do, simply visit the how to change the wallpaper on desktop page

How to add a Shazam wallpaper for your iPhone?

If you own an iPhone mobile phone, please check the how to change the wallpaper on iPhone page.

How to set a Shazam wallpaper for an Android device?

Iphone Shazam Control Center

Android users need to check their Android version as it may vary. Newer devices, running Android 7.1 and up, can follow the steps described on this Android wallpaper help guide

What type of Shazam wallpapers are available?

There are several types of wallpaper to choose from, you can download the one that is right for you.

  • wallpaper HD

Can I use one of these Wormhole wallpaper for other reason than personal use?

Whether it’s for your website, YouTube Chanel, merchandise or any other use, the answer would be no. Usually free wallpaper websites are for personal use only

Most images are protected by copyright, misusing them can lead to legal and financial repercussion. Always make sure that your images are under a Creative Commons license and that the website you are getting it from is trustworthy.

For more information on how to find legal wallpapers with popular search engines you can view those tutorials:

Find out what music is playing on your iPhone, inside any app, using Shazam’s built-in music recognition.

In the past, iPhones could only identify music playing from external speakers. But with iOS 14.2 and later, your iPhone can identify music playing right on the device. This means you can easily identify a song you liked in a web video or a live stream, even through headphones!

Learn how you can use Shazam to identify audio that’s coming from your iPhone.

Add the Shazam Option to Control Center

Before you can use the native Shazam button, you’ll have to add it to Control Center by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings and select Control Center.
  2. Check whether Music Recognition is already listed in the Included Controls section. If it is, you can skip the rest of these steps.
  3. If it’s not there, find it in the More Controls section at the bottom.
  4. Tap the green plus button next to Music Recognition to add it.
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Now you can access it in Control Center to quickly identify music playing through headphones or your iPhone’s speakers.

How to Use the Shazam for Music Playing on Your iPhone

Once you’ve added the Control Center widget, follow these steps to use the Shazam functionality:

  1. Play a song, a video with background music, or some other music source on your iPhone using the built-in speakers or headphones.
  2. Swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone’s screen to reveal Control Center. If your iPhone has a Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Shazam icon to activate music recognition. The icon will turn blue while it’s listening.
  4. Wait for it to listen and search. Your iPhone will vibrate when it’s finished and show a notification with the result.
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View the Results and Play the Full Song

If your iPhone couldn’t identify the song, the notification will say No Result. Otherwise, the notification will display the song, its artist, and a thumbnail of the album artwork.

Tapping the notification will open a Shazam results page in Safari, from which you can play a preview or tap Listen in Apple Music to enter that app.

Tapping and holding on the notification presents an option to Listen on Apple Music directly from Notification Center.

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Iphone Shazam Background

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Your iPhone Knows Its Music

Iphone Shazam Backgrounds

With your iPhone’s music recognition capabilities, you have the power to find the music you love from just about any source. Whether it’s in a video, a podcast, or somewhere else on your device, your iPhone can recognize it!

Keep exploring and you’ll find that there are other great Control Center widgets available for quick access, too.

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