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Use Digital Touch on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Use Digital Touch to send sketches, taps, or even a heartbeat — right from the Messages app. Send a sketch, tap, or heartbeat In Messages, tap to start a new message. In iOS 10 Messages, there are three buttons above the text field: a camera button, an App Store button, and a button for Digital Touch which is symbolized as a heart with two fingers. 1) Launch Messages on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10 or later. 2) Create a new message and then tap the Digital Touch button, it’s the middle icon next to the text entry field. 3) Take the Digital Touch interface full screen by tapping the arrow in the lower right corner. This is an optional step.

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iPod touch gives you an amazing gaming experience, thanks to the A10 Fusion chip. The action is smoother. You see greater detail. And everything feels more realistic.

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The A10 Fusion chip brings up to twice the performance and three times better graphics to the new iPod touch2 — while still delivering great battery life. It powers augmented reality games and apps. And it makes everything you do feel faster and more fluid.

4-inch Retina display

iPod touch gives you a beautiful canvas for your messages, photos, videos, and more. Everything is sharp, vivid, and lifelike. All on a device that’s 6.1 mm thin and 3.1 ounces, so you can take it anywhere.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a gaming service that lets you play over 100 groundbreaking new games. All you can play, online or off, without ads or in‑app purchases. It’s like having an entire arcade with you.

Augmented reality.
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iOS 14 is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.

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Group FaceTime

Now you can have a FaceTime video or audio call with up to 32 of your friends at once.3 The tile of the person speaking gets larger automatically, so you’ll never lose track of the conversation. And you can start the party right from a group thread in Messages.

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Iphone Digital Touch Message

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Send a sketch, tap, or heartbeat

  1. In Messages, tap to start a new message. Or go to an existing conversation.
  2. Tap .
  3. Choose the type of Digital Touch that you want to send.
  4. If you want to start over, tap . When you're ready to send, tap . The heartbeat, fireball, kiss, and broken heart will automatically send.


Tap to change colors. Then move one finger to draw.

Iphone 8 Digital Touch Message


Tap to change colors. Tap the screen with one finger once or repeatedly.

Iphone Ipad Sync Messages


Touch and hold the screen with two fingers until you see a heartbeat.




Broken heart

Touch and hold the screen with two fingers and drag down.


If you send a Digital Touch to someone who doesn't have iOS 10 or later, they'll get a static image instead of an animated one. Also, when you send a heartbeat, it might include one that was recorded by your Apple Watch or other heartbeat sensor.

Add a sketch to a photo or video

To create a photo or video and add a sketch to it:

  1. In Messages, tap to start a new message. Or go to an existing conversation.
  2. Tap , then tap . The sketch pad turns into a video preview.
  3. Tap to create a 10 second video. Or tap to take a photo.
  4. If you want to start over, tap . When you're ready tap Send .

The Messages app deletes video messages after 2 minutes. Tap Keep to save the video.

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What Is An Iphone Digital Touch Message

You can also use Digital Touch on your Apple Watch.