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Intelligent standby list cleaner v1.0.2.3 Released
The application will monitor and clear the memory standby list according the configured options parameter you set.
  • Intelligent standby list cleaner is a lightweight application designed to help you monitor and clear the memory standby list when it exceeds 1GB. Flush your standby memory to increase performance.
  • I ntelligent standby list cleaner is a lightweight application designed to help you monitor and clear the memory standby list when it exceeds 1GB. Flush your standby memory to increase performance.

How To Boost FPS And Fix Input lag intelligent standby list cleaner tutorialFix: input lag and stutters ( almost all game)Download ISLC official site: https.

It may help users who have stutters in games when using windows 10 Creator update and higher version of windows.
-This is consider beta and as-is.
-If this ever get popular, I'll add more configurable options.
Changes since
- Configurable option: clear when standby list is XXXXMB and when Free memory is lower than XXXXmb.

Islc Settings Reddit

- Show some approximate memory information.
- Can minimize to systray.
Changes since
- Prevent G-SYNC to activate for the app (by disable hardware gpu acceleration for the app). Thanks Blaire for the suggestion.
Changes since
- Added mbk1969 safer code for purging the standby list.
- Added a checkbox to run the application minimized and started.
- Added a 'Purge' button to manually purge the standby list.
- User settings are now saved.
Changes since
- Code cleanup and several optimization on the GUI updating (WPF binding)
- Others misc stuff not worth to mention.
Changes since
- Free Memory and Standby list value now more precise (same as task manager)
Intelligent Standby Cleaner- More CPU efficient.
Changes since
- More CPU efficient. (Thanks to mbk1969 for some of the tweak ex: bit-shift.)
Changes since
- Added information about the Windows 'Current timer resolution' and the possibility to change it. (Thanks 'mbk1969' for the suggestion.)
- Start faster than previous version.
Changes since
- On x64 OS, start as a 64bit process.
- Allow only 1 instance of the application
- Added some MessageBox information when the application encounter an error instead of just closing or crashing.
Changes since
- Fixed an issue preventing the app to work on some OS (pre Windows 10).
SHA1: 9D586964B0568428B9722DE67A5B5E4BA4F1E2F9Intelligent
Changes since
- Performance improvements allowing higher verification frequency. 250MS instead of 1000ms
SHA1: 5EA80E97345CF5F434EFF9FF3716DD7185C45D96
Changes since
- When start minimized is checked or unchecked, a Task in 'Windows Task Scheduler ' is created or removed according to the Check state.
SHA1: 078C58989143F93C6B0EB79B202E05D7C15A9ADC
Changes since
- Added the ability to change the polling rate.
SHA1: 6263F28CD5D3589F8906228E17B7F12657AE0DAC
Changes since
- Added command line argument
- Added more polling rate options.
SHA1: 2C1B487E3B2D70D71ACA9D4F652915977E8F13AA
Changes since
- Fixed a checkbox issue.
SHA1: 1FAFB3FA773F59B3BAF4C75A9B820058904A54D5
Changes since
- Added context menu item to the systray icon to exit the application.
- Small fixes and enhancements.
SHA1: 6D364609E57FBD0CBAE548C6EF9C60DC7B462B05
Changes since
- Small fixes and enhancements.
SHA1: A9B92B2B6EA39DBB109DA17D27BBBFCB78863DA3
Changes since
- Added a process exclusion list. (All credits goes to Guru3d forum member mbk1969)
- Misc enhancements
SHA1: 9C550DEDF03082D2A91894D803EC7ED7BECBEEFA
Changes since
- Exclusion list is manageable from within ISLC now.
- Misc enhancements
SHA1: 5FD15291C7C8392DDD34CD910023CDD0FEDE4095
Changes since
- Remove the tool-tips because it was resetting the timer resolution. (.Net behavior)
SHA1: F0632633E4550EFFFAC51D6AB062A2CDA7810B76
Changes since
- Fixed Task added to 'Task Scheduler' was running max 72 hours. (Thanks to vmech for reporting)
SHA1: 6A1FE7E3D768BB93D43C073093C6C92DC9D371BA
Changes since
- Fixed '(0x80004005): The service cannot be started' (Thanks to MAAR)
SHA1: 59ABB56B1BCA79D34AE094F0B24899992AD13E1D
Changes since
- General enhancement and small fixes.
SHA1: D47A5B4DE9A08DC4F9E40DB4AAF159D9B58EBB72
If you have issue running it.

First : Run in a CMD (command prompt with admin privilege) 2 times :
LODCTR /R and reboot
If still not working, we check if you have disabled performance counter and enable them
lodctr /q find 'Disabled'
lodctr /e:PerfOS
Probably need a reboot.
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Keep track of the standby memory and clear it when the free memory limit is reached to avoid performance issues using this application

Intelligent standby list cleaner is a simple piece of software that lets you monitor and clear the memory standby list when it becomes larger than 1GB. Since the program attempts to modify the behavior of system resources (memory), it can only be run using administrative permissions.
Windows 10 Creators Update has a problem with the standby memory not being released. It can be experienced with certain games that are not properly optimized. Feedback from gamers suggests the PC's performance takes a nosedive when the free memory is completely used up.

Intelligent Standby List Cleaner Warzone

This application was designed to monitor the free and standby memory and ensure that Windows OS releases it on time. Other possible solutions that free up the memory require a system reboot, which is time consuming.
Intelligent standby list cleaner haw a plain interface showing relevant details, specifically the total system memory, standby list, free memory, and system working set. The two conditions that should be met to purge the standby list can be customized. They consist of the list size, and the free memory reach.

Intelligent Standby Cleaner Download

Optionally, you can turn on the custom timer resolution, although this feature is reserved for advanced PC users. It's also worth mentioning the utility lacks a scheduler but the developer suggests using the TaskScheduler for automating tasks.

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Intelligent Standby Cleaner

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