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I'm trying to work out a way to post into confluence a R statistical program Markdown file. So far I have converted the markdown to PDF and imported that but I would like to be able to embed the markdown page directly.

You can't simply copy and paste to Confluence. Their markup is horrible. Their editor simply put is unusable. You can import new documents in markdown (nothing guarantees they still would be rendered as expected), but editing existing documents is still huge pain. Basic Markdown capabilities are baked right into Confluence — headings, lists, italics, bold, and monospace text are all easily applied in-line, just by using standard markdown characters. I found a GitHub repo for a markdown to confluence uploader designed to import a single markdown file into an existing page using the Confluence SOAP api. Obviously I needed something to iterate through a directory of files, and to create, rather than use an existing page, but it seemed like a good start. The Markdown Macro for Confluence is an application that provides quick and simple support for markdown in Atlassian Confluence. Visit Atlas Authority for more details on Confluence Import Markdown Macro.

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Currently, there is no option to bulk import markdown files into Confluence. Though there are third party plugin available, we would like to see this feature inbuilt in Confluence.

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A recent working experience needed me to write doc on Atlassian Confluance documentation product. I will show you how to convert your markdown doc to Confluance version.

Confluance’s web doc editor is very powerfull, but I a markdown guy, I write everything in markdown in pure text mode and versioning it. I need sth. to convert markdown to Confluance.

Confluence Import Word

Checked on the official doc, it says that Confluence supports markdown import, but after a test, not really, at least not for table.

Import Markdown Into Confluence Windows 10


Convert the markdown or rst files to a HTML file.

There’re many plugins on the net, I use VSCode editor, I choose the extension Markdown All in One, it has a method called “Markdown: Print current document to HTML”.

Confluence Export Markdown

Once I get the HTML version, than just past the HTML content into Confluence directly. Done.

Here’s the tutorial on how to insert the HTML marco.

Confluence wiki markdown

Import Markdown Into Confluence Tutorial

Checked on the official doc, it says that Confluence supports wiki import, but I haven’t tested yet.